Dollfie Dream Asuka Goes to Acen 2010 Day 1

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Today I took my 2nd Dollfie Dream daughter Asuka to attend one of the biggest anime convention around my area, Anime Central, also known as Acen.  I didn’t plan on going to this event originally, however, fellow blogger Anonymous_Object from Cool & Spicy is traveling across the state line to come to this convention, so I decided to go as well since it would be a good opportunity to see his Yui in person.

There was a Doll meet arranged by the folks from Den of Angels, and here are some of the shots I took at the meet!

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

My Asuka and Anonymous’s Yui meeting for the first time!

More under the cut~Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Some panchira shots while we are at it!

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

There were other dolls at the meet too~




But overall, Anonymous and I were the only two people with Dollfie Dream there.  Quite a few people were interested at our DD and inquired about them though!

So after the Doll Meet, we went outside to the balcony for some outdoor photos~

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Dollfie Dream Asuka at American Flag



Then at the Exhibit Hall inside the Rosemont Convention Center, I was met with one of the greatest surprise of the day!  I saw a 1:1 Chii browsing around Kino Bookstore!

I was like Whoa!  Chii is definitely going out and about!  Doing stuff on her own! XD ok ok, not a real Chii but a pretty close looking 1:1 Papermoon Chii.  For those of you who are not familiar with Papermooon doll, please check out Danny’s article on Papermoon.

I immediately asked Chii’s mother for permission to set up my Asuka next to her for a photo!  She gladly accepted the opportunity.

My goodness, Chii is huge in comparison to a mere Dollfie Dream!

Here is a shot of Chii and her “mother”~


Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

I honestly couldn’t find very many things to buy in the dealer room, so I ended up picking these up at Kino.


I have always been a fan of Komatsu Eiji 駒都えーじand when I saw his name on the book, I knew I had to pick it up.

But then again, the loots didn’t stop coming today just because I didn’t buy much at Acen…

Some of the Yahoo Japan Loots came in unexpectedly fast today!

Dollfie Dream Kiriha Erika

That’s right, my Fifteenth daughter Erika Sendo has arrived!  I don’t think I had formally announced her adoption, but now is as good as any time!   And for those of you who are wondering, that Kiriha on the left is only seeking a temporary home here, I am merely holding her for fellow member for the moment~

Dollfie Dream Erika

I would love to do more in depth review of the my loots today but dragging around my DSLR, a tripod and my daughter around all day had me exhausted!  I also took some cosplay pictures, will try to collect more tomorrow and put those into another post!

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