Yahoo Japan Auction Haul March 2010 and Fourteenth Daughter Arrival

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Just two weeks ago I welcomed my Thirteenth Dollfie Dream Daughter Kiriha, I really didn’t expect to adopt the Fourteenth Daughter so quickly after paying up for Rina and Yuki last month; but really good deal rarely shows up in Yahoo Japan Auction and as I explained before in my last post, the deal I got for Estel was just too good to pass up and on top of that I have always been thinking about adopting Estel to make up for missing out on her PVC figure when it was on sale last year.  So here we are, after just welcoming my thirteenth daughter two weeks ago, my lovely loot inspection assistant Feena has once again joined us to introduce her youngest sister yet, Estel Freesia.

Dollfie Dream Feena Estel

For those of you who may not be aware, Feena and Estel actually came from the same PC game (they even share the same Dollfie Dream head mold), Bright than Dawning Blue / Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na.  Estel was a character introduced in the PS2 version of the game and it was ported back into PC in 2009, along with the release of Moonlight Cradle which was rated as the 2nd best seller in 2009 by

Those of you who might be interested in Estel Freesia’s background story, I have written an extensive summary of Estel Freesia’s story arc.

And here is the list of the loots I have acquired in March and early April.

  1. Dollfie Dream Estel Freesia + Casual Dress set
  2. Fortune Arterial Black Cat Maid by Azone International Won Fest Exclusive 2009.
  3. Estel Freesia Casual Dress set (stand alone)
  4. Sasara School Swimsuit Maid set from HT Kyoto 7
  5. He is my Master Maid set from HT Kyoto 7
  6. Dollfie Dream Dynamite base body
  7. Dollfie Dream optional part DD2-B-02 L bust
  8. Dollfie Dream optional part DD2-H-05 hands
  9. TnK Snow White Negligee set DDTK-0083
  10. Volks Lingerie Box – Bufferfly Motif for L bust

The spotlight of today’s arrival is no other than my fourteenth daughter Estel, so let’s take a look at her… and before I knew it, Ecchi Lion is already at work again!

Dollfie Dream Estel

Darn it, Ecchi Lion, get off Estel!!!

Besides Estel’s arrival, other highly anticipated items such as Sasara’s School Swimsuit maid and Kiriha’s Black Cat Maid are also here today…

Dollfie Dream Clothes

Why on earth do I have 2 Estel’s Casual Dress again?  Well, as I explained before, it was bundled together with the Estel auction that made the whole deal very attractive so even though I have already secured an Estel Casual not too long ago, I was inclined to get the packaged deal.  And besides, I would be in a position to do a good friend Chibichibiusa a favor by offloading the 2nd Estel Dress to her at a reduced price after I finish a photo shoot for a twin Estel’s Casual docking session.

And finally, we meet the new daughter – Estel Freesia!  Along with Sasara cosplaying School Swimsuit Maid and Kiriha playing Naughty Miko (which is another theme photo session coming up in the near future)

Dollfie Dream Sasara Estel Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉

And if you would excuse me, my beautiful daughters are waiting for me to spend some more quality time and continue with more photo sessions with them :)

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