Volks Dolpa 23 Limited Dollfie Dream Release Info

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Thanks to figure.fm member Chibichibusa, who has been “stalking” Dollfie Dream Blog site to bring us the latest information on the Volks Dolpa 23 limited release Dollfie Dream news!  All information, translation are courtesy of Chibichibusa.

First up!  Another Fate Stay Night girl~ Mato Sakura!


DD Matō Sakura from fate/hollow ataraxia


Sculptor : Misaki Serika (Zoukeimura)
Eyes : Animetic eyes「Matō Sakura」original color 22mm
Wig :「Matō Sakura」new original style DD size
Head :「Matō Sakura」orignal head
Body : DD base body II normal skin, L Bust
Set content : doll body, wig, ribon, blouse, vest, apron, skirt, panties, shoes
Price : 50,000 yen

Sakura’s Everyday Wear Set
Matō Sakura’s Dark Clothes Set
Sakura’s Swimwear Set

I am planning to adopt Sakura as she will be be playing a vital role in future Dollfie Dream Theater!

On top of that, her normal dress set comes with a stylish pink apron…. which would be awesome for hadaka apron docking….


Second up, whom I have no idea who she is myself… but she is actually Maria from Umineko no Naku Koro ni


MDD Ushiromiya Maria from Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Sculptor : Hiroshi Amano (Zoukeimura)
Eyes : Animetic eyes「Ushiromiya Maria」original color 22mm
Wig :「Ushiromiya Maria」new original style DD size
Head :「Ushiromiya Maria」orignal head
Body : MDD base body normal skin, S Bust
Set content : doll body, wig, crown, blouse, corset, skirt, socks, shoes, bag, Sakutaro plush
Price : 48,000 yen

And third, another After School Akihabara Girl Alna to join up with Natsuki and Moe


DDdy Alna from Volks Afterschool Akihabara girls

Sculptor : Kosuke Kitahara (Zoukeimura)
Eyes : Animetic eyes「Alna」original color 20mm
Wig :「Alna」new original style DD size
Head :「Alna」orignal head
Body : DD Dynamite body normal skin, Shapely Bust
Set content : doll body, wig, jacket, tops, skirt, choker, garter belt, fishnet tights, boots
Price : 50,000 yen

Each Akihabara girls also get an extra dress set! (scroll down their page to see it!)


Natsuki has this super hot looking Gothic Punk Dress, a must get for me!

Alna’s Encore Dress Set
Moe’s Goth Dress Set
Natsuki’s Punk Dress Set

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