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Oh my, how long has it been since I had last filmed any Dollfie Dream Theater episode? Ehhhh, too long…. I actually have something planned but haven’t been able to pull myself together to film the next story, which is to introduce Natsuki into the team.  Anyway, I have got a little side story prepared for you all to have a little chuckle with, hope you would enjoy it!  It all started a week ago when I came up with a secret project that involve using using a site call Snapfish.  I am sure a lot of you are already familiar with the name if you have a flickr account, here is a little story that I came up with.  Hope you will enjoy it =D  Hopefully this will serve as the warm up I needed to film the next Dollfie Dream Theater.


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Some of you from the Dollfie Dream flickr group might have remembered that tagging game that we have going on a little while back and Feena was tagged along with a few others of my daughters.  I have always had this inspiration to take a Dakimakura style photo for Feena since that’s how I first came to know of Feena, and you bet there have been more than a few variant of Feena Dakimakura out there and I have most of them in my possession.  With the new wig that I got for Feena recently, my confident grew that I could finally produce a good looking photo for Feena.  The result turned out well and more than a few people seemed to have enjoy seeing Feena in her new look.

Then a few days ago I was organizing my photos in flickr and took notice of the snapfish link that had always been there, I got curious about printing a custom product using some of the new pictures I took for Feena.  To my surprise, the array of custom printable product available at snapfish is quite large and the price is rather reasonable for a custom printed product.  I noticed the price tag for a custom printed pillow case of 20″ x 30″ is only $19.99 so I said to myself, why not?  Then I proceed to get myself setup and have ordered the Feena pillow!  Something I can actually sleep on instead of a overly large Dakimakura which is rather difficult to have in my single bed.  I ordered the pillow case middle of last week and it’s already in my hands today, so I say they are pretty good in terms of delivery time!


The texture of the cloth they use on the pillow case is pretty soft to the touch so it should be comfortable to sleep on.

In reality, Feena wasn’t the only one who got a pillow case printed XD, Asuka has one too, and from one of my favorite outdoor picture!  It should also be noted that the color of the Asuka pillow turned out more vibrant than the Feena pillow, it could be the differences between indoor and outdoor photos, something for me to experiment on in the future.


Overall, I am rather satisfied with my snapfish product purchase and should be ordering more from them in the future XD, more pillow case featuring my lovely Dollfie Dream Daughters!

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