Illusion Soft Eroge Game Real Kanojo First Impression and Site News

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With the last game from Illusion soft Yuusha[You Can't Escape From the Heroine] ended in utter disappointment, so bad that I didn’t bother writing a blog post about it (I gave up within 10 minutes of game play); I was really on the fence on whether I should even try to play their newest game Real Kanojo リアル彼女 which literally means Real Girlfriend. For the last couple of years, Illusion soft has been focusing all of their effort on “sex simulator”, gone are the days of action adventure game such as AGA and *glup* can I say Des Blood 4? Schoolmate Sweet! and @Homemate turned out to be adequately entertaining that I was at least curious about the game, boasting as their latest innovation in 3D technology and it even come with a pair of 3D glasses with the purchase of the game, by the account from Illusion soft, their demo version of the game has been downloaded 600,000 times!

And there is the opening screen~

After the opening screen you are presented with 3 girls to choose from~

After a girl is selected, you are simply presented with a dialogue on whether you are choosing the girl.

There are two ways to respond to dialog in this game, if you have a webcam, you can just simply nod your head to answer “Yes” or shake your head to give a “No”. Because the game is structured in such a way that you only need to give simply Yes No answer through out. I don’t have a compatible webcam on the PC I am playing the game with so I use the alternate method which is to use the mouse to indicate my answer. The whole point of Real Kanojo is to deliver an experience as if you are actually dating this girl on the computer screen.

After you have picked your choice of girl, you are sent directly to a scenario of the girl, I have only played with Ai so far, which is the school girl, and we were apparently sent directly to a beach resort. And here are some of the scenes~

and after conversing with the girl a few times you would be presented with a close up screen where you could hmmm “fondle” the girl a bit to get raise her affection towards you..

Notice the clock in the upper left corner? You are given about a minute in each close up scene to get her excited… and let’s be honest here, there is little skill involved in this part at all compared to other Illusion games such as AG3 or even @Homemate for that matter. I just shake around the mouse a bit and got a pass…

And after that.. more scenes and more Yes/No answers

After a few dialogues and giving the correct answers, the girl will try to drag you out to the beach and you are presented with a few beach scenes…

More Yes/No questions and answers…

Ok she was just kidding, she didn’t really want you to put sun tan in front of her body…

The game branches out based on some of these Yes/No answers and if you agree to explore the caves with Ai, you will be presented with the first eroge scene of the game, pretty darn straight forward if you ask me. There are multiple paths in each heroines, you just have to pick and choose to correct answers to get to the correct scene, again, pretty straight forward.

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Overall, there isn’t much challenge in the control aspect of the game like AG3 or @Homemate, all you had to do was to scroll the mouse wheel and that’s it. I don’t see a point in actually talking about the eroge scenes since well, it’s just what it is!

After finishing the route on each of the girls, you can pick and choose the scene for replay like this.

Pretty straight forward huh? Overall, if you were looking for game play elements or story, I don’t think Real Kanojo is the right game for you. However if you are interested to see the 3D effect and the feeling that you are interacting with the game directly, it’s worth taking a look!

Enough of Real Kanojo, let’s get to some site news. Today I was suppose to meet my 13th daughter Kiriha, however, for whatever reason that is, all I got was the dreaded note of “We Missed You” from the post office, even though I had someone at home the whole day…. oh well, at least I got the time to work on this Real Kanojo post today… plus time to clean up the new room for Kiriha before she arrive. I have already planned to take a day off tomorrow so it’s all good.

Onto some site news, my first advertising sponsor Hobby Search has decided to renew their advertising agreement with me for another year! I am very excited to be able to continue host their banner AD on my site. I am looking forward to working with them for a long time to come! Hobby Search is having a SAL Commemorative Sale Underway till the 31st of March! Be sure to stop by their site and look for any goodies you might want before the sale is over!

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That’s about it for now, I am looking forward to picking up my 13th daughter tomorrow and hopefully I would be able to introduce her to all of you :)

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