The Fourteenth Dollfie Dream Daughter – Estel Freesia-

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How should I put this? I think I sealed the deal to adopt all of the Dollfie Dream that Volks licensed from August soft the moment I decided to adopt my thirteenth daughter Kiriha… because soon after I finished the paper work to bring her home, I suddenly came up with a very dangerous idea about doing a group photo based solely on the August girls (I call Feena, Estel, Erika and Kiriha as August Girls because they are all based on Visual Novel from August Soft, Brigther than Dawning Blue and Fortune Arterial respectively). Some of my regular visitors here probably have read about the summary story I have written for Estel last year [Estel Freesia's normal arc]. Overall, I have to say I have taken a liking in her but not necessarily strong enough at the time to adopt her Dollfie Dream form last year, but I have in various occasions thought about doing so. I have regretted over not picking up her Kotobukiya 1/8 scale figure when it was on sale last year, and I have been thinking about redeeming myself one of these days. I even picked up her priestess uniform and her casual dress already, preparing to have Feena cosplay as Estel for photo shoot… but that plan fell apart after I came up with that group photo idea…


I really didn’t plan on adopting Estel so soon since I have just paid for Rina, Yuki and Kiriha and was planning to wait and see what Dolpa 23 had to offer before going for her; however, a very special deal on Yahoo Japan Auction came up this morning offering a brand new DD Estel and her casual dress for 70k with buy it now option. Even though I have already acquired Estel’s casual dress in a previous auction, that deal is just too good for me to pass up! For those of you who is not familiar with Estel’s casual dress, I have found a website that show us how versatile that dress is! With the dress valued at about 20k yen, that effectively put a brand new Estel at 50k, which is almost as good as a steal!


I really like auction seller who put in a reasonable “Buy it now” option because it shows the seller know what he/she want it for instead of promoting a bidding war which drives the price up for everyone. And a deal this good doesn’t come around all that often so I have to take it when it is fresh ^^;

Before Estel actually arrive, allow me to share a couple of her game screen shots with you all ^^; I have some ambitious plan ready for Feena and Estel to do some joint photo shoot when Estel arrive in about 2-3 weeks ^^;





For those of you who might be interested in finding out more about Estel Freesia, a detail summary of her story is available here [Estel Freesia's normal arc]

The same seller has another very reasonably priced brand new DD Feena with her school uniform priced at the same as Estel package I got this morning at 70k, prospective Feena parent should take a real close look at that ^^; The auction is currently running at 30k, I expect to see serious Feena admirer to invoke the “Buy it now” option since her school uniform alone worth at least 16k-20k yen which put Feena just a bit above 50k yen.

And while we are at it, allow me to share one of the recent photos I have taken off Feena; some of them have been circulating in flickr through the tagging game and in and about Puchi Blurbs ^^; I am so glad I picked up a new wig for Feena, it has really transformed her from the closet daughter status to right in front of the camera~


I have just been informed by my deputy service today that my thirteenth daughter Kiriha has already arrived at the US warehouse, I wasted little time to request the shipment! Hopefully I would be able to see her in the next couple of days! Originally, I was going to write a blog post about the new eroge game Real Kanojo from Illusion soft today, but obviously, new daughter triumph over everything else ^^;

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