Just How Well Have Your PVC Figures Aging Through Time?

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A few months ago, blogging comrade Blowfish asked me about how well has my figure collection aged through the years.  I promised him I would look into it because I just so happen to have a pair of identical figures that remained unopened for the past 6 years or so.  I am sorry Blowfish >.<;  I kept pushing this out and out and out and now I realized that I pushed it out for 4 months!  But today, I am going to make good on my promise and do what I said I was going to do 4 months ago!  Here I present to you the pair of Pia Carrot 3 Hasegawa Akemi Floral Mint Type made by Kotobukiya back in January 2004.  The figure on the your right hand has been opened since the day it arrived at my house but it has been under the protection of my dust shield since there; on the other hand, the figure on your left has stayed in the box during this entire time, no accidental exposure to Ultraviolet light, minimum contact with air, etc.


I have always considered Ultraviolet light and oxygen the two biggest enemies to my figure collection, so I have made it a point to never expose my figure collection under direct sunlight for an extended period of time since it can cause chemical reactions to the PVC or painted surfaces of the figure.  Oxygen on the other hand, is an extreme active agent that can react with just about anything, including but not limited to paint, plastic, metal given enough time.  Obviously, I cannot eliminate oxygen since I do not have a vacuum sealed display cabinet, but I have taken steps to slow down the oxidation process by restricting airflow to my figure collection through my Dust Shield +1.

So, after 6 years, how well have these Pia Carrot 3 figure aged?  Let’s take a closer look here.  In order to fully inspect the differences between the two figures, I will have to finally open the figure to the left….


One final look before we open it up!


Ta la!  I honestly think that the two figures looked about the same other than the fact that the figure to the right have leaned a little bit…


Taking a good look at the back side view where we got a enough flat surfaces to look at.  I honestly don’t detect any discoloration, even if there is, it appear to be fairly minimum.

And finally another close up view to the front side!


Since I have no reference point as to how these figure actually look back in 2004, so these will become my reference point in the future.  The figure on the left have already gone back into the box to minimize the exposure to oxygen, the figure on the right will remain inside my Dust Shield +1.  This will be the first part to a life cycle study on how this pair of figures will age through time.  Let’s come back and review this in one year!

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