The Weekend Random Activities~Loots, Ordered and Pre-Order

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This has been a relatively productive weekend so far, there were several tasks that I set out to do, including clearing out some old eroge magazines, some old product manuals (stuff that I no longer check in years) and reshuffling display area to make room for my 11th-13th daughters (well Kiriha will arrive first but I got to make room for Rina and Yuki too!)

I have been wanting to clear out this bottom 2 shelves for some time now, they used to be occupied by some very old eroge magazines which are going to the recycle bin.

Back in the late 90s to 2003 or so, before the Internet really kick into high gear, I used to get most of the eroge game info from magazines such as E-Login and PC Angel (I am not really sure if E-Login is still in publication) but nowadays, it’s just so much easier to get up-to-date information from massive website such as, it would be highly unusual for me to go back to those days of reading eroge mag, but if I do, it would be for novelty purpose or they have some giveaway that are hard to resist.

And this is what that area used to look like (picture taken from my OTACOOL submission)

I haven’t quite decided what get to move into the newly free up area, most probably some of my PVC figures that are falling out of grace with me with my interest in Dollfie Dream … speaking of which, some of these  older PVC figures would inevitably need to be sold or given away.  With this new clean up effort, I have successfully created a new Dollfie Dream room with a minimum capacity of 4!

And on the looting end… The Evangelion 2.0 Asuka/Rei School Uniform has arrived on Friday… the new dress will most definitely go to Asuka, and I will do a photo shoot of that in due time!

Coincidentally, Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 7 is being held in Japan this weekend, obviously I have to put my lottery entry for the Sasara School Swimsuit Maid and He is My Master Maid dress at Volks USA!


Here is the hope that I could win these two dresses at the Volks USA lottery so I won’t have to resort into betting on the After Event or worst yet, having to pay the markup fee at Yahoo Japan Auction >.>;

Despite the fact that I don’t usually enjoy paying more for an item I want, but there are times that I just don’t have any choice, for example, the Black Cat Maid outfit for Kiriha, which I briefly mentioned that I am in the hunt for in my last post


It’s a pretty rare outfit that was sold exclusively in Wonder fest last year by Azone International, caught it on auction last night; luckily the seller put in a reasonable price with a buy it now option so I had to take it.  The credit for finding this rare item has to go to my YJA search platform which continuously monitor search result within my search parameters.  As a result, I can find rare item such as this within record time and ended the auction before anyone else had a chance to see it.  If I weren’t working on another blog post on my Daitetsujin One-Seven last night and didn’t have time to look at my search result, I could have probably found it much sooner!

And finally, I have been thinking about pre-ordering this particular game for some time now ever since I read about it in Tentacle Armada.  Record of Agarest War – The Really Naughty Edition


I have no idea what this game is about, but if Red Entertainment is involved (Maker of the Sakura Taisen franchise), I doubt I would be disappointed.  And on top of that, the limited edition comes with an Oppai mouse pad and a half size Dakimakura and is called “The Really Naughty Limited Edition”, and as a straight and healthy otaku, I can tell you… I want this!  The game is rated for “Teen” so we are most likely only going to get some suggestive theme like Ar Tonelico, which admittedly is still fun to play even though I am already well versed in more hard core eroge games.  The Record of Agarest War Limited Edition is currently available for pre-order in Amazon for $59.99.  Which I think is a good deal considering how much goodies we get from the limited edition!


And speaking of Sakura Taisen, for those of you who weren’t aware, even though the news has been going around for some time now, that the fifth installment of the long running franchise Sakura Taisen ~So Long, My Love~ will be released in English, brought to you by the good folks at NIS America, which also brought us Ar Tonelico by the way >.o.  More information is available at their website. I remember I read some years ago, somewhere out there on the Internet that some guy had claimed that one of the ten best things that would “never” come to USA was Sakura Taisen… so there you have it buddy, don’t ever say “never” since it’s such a strong word o.<;

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