Dollfie Dream Escalayer X Sexy Demon Girl Set + Site update

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Been an interesting past couple of days, I am still exciting over winning the bid on bringing a brand new Dollfie Dream Kiriha home with me, hopefully she would arrive within the next two weeks or so.  The extravagant bidding war over Dollfie Dream Kiriha a few days ago finally lured out another Kiriha parent to put his/her girl up for adoption (which is totally within my expectation), I will keep my eyes out on how this one play out.  While I am fairly certain that it will not reach the same price as what I had paid, mine is brand new and un-open, this one is “used”; it would still be interesting to see how many prospective Kiriha parents will show up to claim her.  Anyway, since it’s Sunday so I decided to put Escalayer into the Sexy Demon Girl set I recently acquired in the Feburary outfit collection, since I though the color scheme really suits Escalayer’s red hair.


More under the cut~Img0361










I personally think Escalayer look very sexy in this new outfit, probably going to try to keep her in it for a while…. what’s more important though is that after 24hours+, there has not been any evidence of staining!  So this is a safe outfit to keep your girls in for long term!

And finally, I have a little announcement to make… if you are a regular visitor of this site, you might have noticed some slight difference I have made to the front page… that’s right, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of facebook and twitter!  Why? you ask?  Since I have never been a real trendy guy?  Have I gone crazy to think people care about what I do?  Yes, while I am pretty adamant about not following the trend just for the sake of following it but after a long conversation with Danny about the potential of using facebook and twitter and its social network as a vehicle to distribute my website content, may it be Dollfie Dream photo shoot or another eroge game summary, to a bigger audience and potentially make more friends who share my interest, it would be silly for me to not give it a try!


So, there we have it, facebook and twitter.  See you out there!

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