Wolfheinrich’s World First Anniversary Figure Giveaway Result

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A week has passed since my anniversary post and that means it’s time to reveal the figure giveaway contest result!  I have noticed a handful of regular visitors have managed to read to the end of the post and found this giveaway contest!  For those of you who are unaware of this figure giveaway contest, that was because I did not intend on publicizing it and that’s probably how I will conduct future giveaway contest as well.  Now let’s recap on the contest rules:

Under the topic Dollfie Dream Completion Project arrival and other loots, there were three dollfie dream, namely Asuka, Feena and Saber that I acquired through Yahoo Japan Auction, your task here is to guess how much US dollars I have spent to acquire them including auction deputy fee and whatever fee that might have been charged!  Easily right haha… there are hints of how much I have spent on them scattered throughout my blog and in my flickr account. You may not give your answer in Japanese Yen, or it would be wayyyy too easy, the answer must be in 2 decimal places, for example 1000.00 would be your answer if your guess is 1000 US dollars~

And here is the other criteria, you must be a figure.fm member, and you must identify yourself here with your figure.fm username and have posting history there ; because that’s the only way for me to identify you to be an unique individual, and not the same user under the disguise of several usernames.  You have 2 chances to guess the actual dollar amount is, so give me two answers!  The closest answer will be declared as winner and will receive this Max Factory 1/8 Mikuru Adult version!  In the case of multiple answers being correct or closest to the correct answer, the earlier respond will be declared as winner.

Figure Giveaway

So let’s take a look at each auctions I have won last year through the deputy service Goody-Japan.

My 2nd daughter Asuka, 70000 yen.


My 3rd daughter Saber, 135000 yen.


My 4th daughter Feena, 70000 yen


And here is the invoice I received from Goody-Japan~


So the grand total amount in Yen is 306570+11800+500=318870 yen.

And since the deposits were made over a range of several days, the exchange rate might have been different so let’s take a look at the paypal statements!

The first deposit was actually the 100 yen deposit I made when I opened the account with them, and it was $1.04!


The second deposit 70000 yen was made on May 11th and the USD amount was $736.51


The third deposit 76010 yen was made on May 12th and the USD amount was $801.14


The fourth deposit 135000 yen was made on May 13th and the USD amount was $1444.09


And the final payment of 37760 yen was made on May 26th and the USD amount was $409.56


So, the total amount in USD that I spend to adopt Asuka, Saber and Feena is: $1.04+$736.51+$801.14+$1444.09+$409.56=$3392.34!

There were a total of 9 participants in this contest, and here are their guesses!

Smithy:  $4379.28 and $3842.12

lightningsabre: $335.95 and $391.94

battrastard: $2890.76 and $3654.12

phossil: $2747.02 and $3216.88

Poofiemus: $4752.42 and $5342.78

Tier: $4000.00

rockleelotus:$3479.14 and $3123.45

anonymous_object:$3912.00 and $4305.01

Animeaffection: $3528.81 and $3798.27

As you can see from the entries, Lightningsabre would have been the closest answer if he had not messed up his decimal places!  So our winner is Rockleelotus with his guess of $3479.14, only off by $86.8!  So Rockleelotus please contact me with your mailing address at wolfheinrich at hotmail dot com

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