Fortune Arterial Game Progress

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For the past couple of days, I have been focusing entirely on Fortune Arterial game progress.  I really should have played this game several months ago but I blame it on a short summary that I read and gave me a totally wrong impression on Erika… but since the 64 bit compatibility problem surfaced last month, I quickly picked up my pace and decided to dive right into the game.


My main focus on playing Fortune Arterial is of course to learn about the stories of the two heroines I am interested in, namely Sendo Erika and Kuza Kiriha.


I really didn’t need any encouragement to keep playing the game when the girls are as charming as Erika and Kiriha~  And on top of that, after achieving the number one sale rank in 2008, also voted one of the best eroge in 2008 by 2ch, the story is also very engaging.  Definitely among some of the best eroge games in terms of story that I have play.

Fortune Arterial
e, but what Wikipedia won’t tell you is that she is also a rebellious vampire that do not want to drink blood from live human.  A large part of the story was about how Erika struggled to maintain her vow to not drink blood from live human while (avoiding, at least initially) falling in love with the main protagonist.

Fortune Arterial PC Game

In this particular scene, the main protagonist was tricked to walk right into Erika in the woman bathroom >.o, just one of the many funny moments in game.  And of course, as Erika is no push over, she quickly retaliated!

Fortune Arterial

There are a lot of things to like about Erika, I hope to write a dedicated story about her in the not so distance future; she is definitely not one of your run of the mill bishoujo, it is difficult to put her in any specific category to be honest, she is rebellious against the traditions of a vampire, even at the cost of her own freedom, she is energetic, competitive and often strong headed as well.

As of the writing of this post, I have already finished all the normal routes of the game and onto Erika’s true route, which has answered a lot of the questions I have over the story.  Such as the origin of the Sendo family, the truth about Erika’s vampire heritage etc etc.

Hopefully, I would be able to wrap this up in the next day or so~

Oh and by the way!  If you managed to follow the post all the way to this point~ Here is an important announcement!  In the next couple of days, I am planning on hosting a figure giveaway contest to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of this blog >.o, So stay tune~

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