Volks USA Customer Gallery – Flowery Maid

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One of my greatest joy, as a father of 10 Dollfie Dream Daughters (soon to be 12~), for me at least, is to capture their various images in different environments.  Dollfie Dream might not have swappable heads like a figma, but a slight turn of head can easily give off a different aura for any particular photo~

Soon after sending in my first customer gallery submission to Volks USA, I have been thinking about sending the photos I took for Asuka back in late September 2009, some of which I consider as my best work to-date.  I am really proud of how Asuka look in that pink flower bed, I really do!  The staffs at Volks USA were once again very responsive to my submission and told me they will put the pictures up in a few days and sure enough, my 2nd daughter Asuka is featured on their Sumika Times Blog today :)

flowery maid_title

flowery maid

Remember, if you want to see your Volks dolls in their Customer Gallery go to this entry and follow the instructions!

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