My Dollfie Dream Daughters featured in Volks USA!

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A few days ago I sent my White Album Dollfie Dream Support Message to Volks USA to show my appreciation and support for their White Album Project.  The staffs at Volks USA really appreciated my message and told me they would forward my message to their team in Japan.  Today, they posted the pictures of my girls in their Sumika Times Blog page!

Sumika Times Blog

Here is the full page coverage including my White Album Dollfie Dream Support Message and the Dollfie Dream Daughters Glorious Gathering Group (also known as DDDGGG)~


And of course, an opportunity to feature in Volks USA website would surely pump all of my girls up a whole bunch so they all lined up in front of the TV and see themselves!


If you would like to see your Volks dolls feature on Volks USA Sumika Times blog, Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, even Dollfies, then please check out this post at Volks USA and send them an email!

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