White Album Dollfie Dream Support Message~

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For those of you who are familiar with my habit, you would probably know that I have fairly strict requirements for knowing the personality and character of a Dollfie Dream before I decide to adopt them, for example, when Volks announced ToHeart 2 Kusugawa Sasara Dollfie Dream, I cast almost everything aside and focused on learning about Sasara.  The situation is fairly similar for the White Album Dollfie Dream, I wasn’t too impressed with the story outline at first and thought it is one of those typical harem anime… but a few punchi blurbers in figure.fm have convinced me to at least give the White Album anime a try because they felt I would like Ogata Rina.  It didn’t take very long for me to completely fall for Rina’s character, she is intriguing, elegant, beautiful, have more balls than all the men combined in the show!  She is most definitely one of the most awesome bishoujo characters I have seen in recent memory.  It is very refreshing to see a character like Rina to rise from the recently saturated market of “moe” characters.  We need more characters like Rina in anime!

Anyway, after about half way into the White Album anime, I have already decided to take Rina home at the first available opportunity.  You might have noticed the White Album Dollfie Dream Support banner in my side bar already :P   I have been checking the White Album Dollfie Dream page daily as well as the Dollfie Dream blog for any available information, I tracked back to the Yoko/Nia release schedule step by step and determined that we will see something by the end of the year at least and sure enough, Volks has announced more details about 10 days ago in the White Album Dollfie Dream Update that they will be releasing the schedule by the end of the year.

To show our appreciation and support for the White Album design team, my daughters have prepared their very own special message!





I am also eagerly anticipated the White Album PS3 game that is scheduled to be released in this winter… because that’s the only way I can get the ending I desire most….. an ending that my Ogata Rina deserves…

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