Dollfie Dream Daughters Glorious Gathering Group Photo~

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Those of you who are familiar with my habit, you would probably know that a new full family daughters group shots are coming soon, that’s right!  I love doing group shots and since I already had 5 of them in a group photo, it just feel wrong not to bring the other girls into the picture!  Building on the Christmas Theme Photo shoot yesterday, I present to you, the latest Dollfie Dream Daughters Glorious Gathering Group Photo~ Also known as DDDGGG.


Some of you with good memory would remember that I have been wanting to do the full family group photo for a long time, but losing out on Natsuki in the Dollfie Dream Gathering had put a huge delay in that plan, but fortunately, Volks USA came thru and beat their own schedule and had Natsuki arrived before Christmas~


Here is a trick question for you all, how many daughters are in this photo above?  You’ll get brownie points for giving the correct answer!


Natsuki being the youngest daughter, but she is the center of attention in this group shot~


I wanted to get a new silver wig for Feena in Dolpa 22, but I lost out in the Mashiro Hakama set in both USA lottery and International lottery, it’s really unfortunate, but I guess I still have YJA as a very last resort….

Just out of my own curiosity, how many of you were able to buy anything off the Dolpa 22 After Event?  A few members and all drew a blank last night and were not able to buy anything significant at all even though we all camped in front of our computer the second the event took place…. the items must have been too popular….


Queen’s Blade 2nd Season Gyokuza no Tsugumono has no doubt reinforced my love for Airi chan, I really love her performance in 2nd season, if you haven’t watched Queen’s Blade 2nd Season, be sure to watch it, it’s definitely a must watch anime in 2009.


Here a slightly different angle shot~


And a shot from above to wrap up today’s photo session, more is being planned before the end of the year but I got to take a short break for now~

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