11th Dollfie Daughter Decided and Black Friday Shopping

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For the past week or so, I have been spending the majority of my time catching up on the White Album anime.  For those of you who are familiar with my habit, you are probably aware of what I am doing here.  My quest to understand the storyline for 森川 由綺 Morikawa Yuki and 緒方 理奈 Ogata Rina after their Dollfie Dream announcement.  Up to about episode 3-4, I am already completely captivated by the performance of Ogata Rina, whom I consider as one of the most awesome and attractive characters in my recent memory!  Needless to say, my 11th Dollfie Dream Daughter has already been decided, and it’s none other than Dollfie Dream Rina!  I am putting my name in the super early pre-order as soon as it’s up, despite the fact that I won’t see how she turns out!  You may also find the Dollfie Dream Rina banner in the side bar of my blog since a few days ago :D


Why am I making such an effort for this new girl Ogata Rina?  It’s simple, she is just that awesome!  “Most” anime in the past few seasons put too much emphasis on fan service and over emphasize on the “moe” factor and it’s getting very annoying for me to have to watch anime that lack a proper story, characters lack a proper personality and “progression”.  It’s very refreshing to see a buckle in this “moe” trend and see a character that literally captivated my heart from the beginning and continued to impress me every time she graced the screen (She is voiced by Nana Mizuki, I am sure that helped kicked it up a few notches there).  I think I might devote a topic to talk about her later.  In my personal opinion, Ogata Rina is beautiful, elegant, intelligent, talented and have more balls than all the men combined in the show! You can read about how other people feel that “Why Anime Should Have More Female Characters Like Ogata Rina“.

I actually have a lot of trouble watching White Album anime myself, the main protagonist, Touya Fujii, rated as the worst male lead in an eroge game before Makoto of School Days came along …. it’s not easy to be compared against Makoto… but Touya definitely deserve that title….  But despite the short coming of the show, I continued to watch White Album.  Because White Album has always been about the girls (all of the guys are just pricks), and how they cope with the circumstances around them.

morikawa_yuki ogata_rina thighhighs white_album

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Ogata Rina 緒方理奈

During the past week, I have also made some an important decision regarding my PVC figure pre-order.    I have decided to send Alter Fate to the chopping block!  I know what you are thinking, have I gone insane?  It’s Alter Fate we are talking about, people were lining up to try to get on her pre-order and here I am canceling her?

Fate Testarossa フェイト

Replacing Alter Fate in my pre-order list is new comer Ogata Rina from GSC!

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Ogata Rina 緒方理奈

The decision to cancel Alter Fate probably has to do with the fact that new comer Ogata Rina is literally replacing Fate in my harem lineup, and on top of that, I see little reason to continue collecting Fate PVC figure since I already have her in Dollfie Dream form.  No, I am not dumping Fate from my harem lineup but rather bumping her down a few notches in favor of Ogata Rina.  It has nothing to do with how good the figure the figure look, one can argue the Alter Fate looks better than GSC Rina, but for me, it’s more about how I feel about the figure rather than the quality of the figure.

I have already completed the Rina arc from the PC version of the game from 1998 and got her “happy end”, but I am also planning on getting the PS3 version which is due out this winter.

White Album PS3

I can’t wait to see Rina chan in the High Definition glory that she so well deserves!

Enough talking about Rina chan, let’s take a look at the Black Friday loot!  The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday in United States, is the kick start of the holiday shopping season.  Most stores, brick and mortar or online all try to put forth their best effort to attract customers.  I usually don’t participate in such an event because I tend to just get what I need when I need them.  However, since the majority of my funding has now been allocated for taking care of my Dollfie Dream daughters, I have to learn to spend my money wisely going forward.

It just so happen that I am not interested in any of the Dollfie Dream coming out in the Dolpa 22 next month and I have been wanting to build a file server as a backup storage system due to my ever increasing storage requirement.  Since I have already acquired a spare power supply, motherboard and chassis from a few months ago when my main computer went down, I decided to go through with the exercise to build out that system.  Since it’s only meant to be a storage/backup server, I don’t intend to spend a lot of money on the processor so I picked out a nice little Wolfdale E6300.   The E6300 is a Core 2 Duo Wolfdale CPU similar to the E8000 series. As a matter of fact, every CPU Intel currently manufactures are Core 2′s.  This means that you can achieve beyond E8600 specs very easily with this CPU!


A few hard drives to satisfy my desire for massive storage!

I picked up three of these!

And as an experiment, I decided to give the Hitachi “Deathstar” DH3200 IDK/7K 2TB 7200RPM a chance to redeem itself.


The Hitachi Deskstar acquired it’s nickname “Deathstar” some time ago because it was notorious for making ticking sound and eventually fail.  I don’t plan on putting anything critical in this drive, just to see if Hitachi has improved their quality.  (As of the writing of this post, this hard drive is already sold out!)

So effectively I am adding a total 6.5 TB toward my total storage capacity.  After it’s all said and done, I think I will have roughly 10TB of storage capacity.

Besides shopping online, I have also made the pilgrimage to the local Fry’s Electronics to hunt for a almost free after rebate video card!  I arrived at the local Fry’s store about 4:00am (an hour before they open for Black Friday) and there were already a few hundreds people lining up in front of the store, the weather was kinda chilly so standing outside the store wasn’t exactly a fun affair (but all in the name of saving $40!).  I have never lined up in front of a store waiting for sale to start so it’s a brand new experience for me.  Not long after I arrived at the store along with my 2 brothers, who came along with me to bargain hunt, a Red Bull mini pulled up next to us and two ladies jumped out of the car and start giving out free sample Red Bull!

Red Bull

Since I already slept before so I didn’t need to drink it and decided to save it for rainy day when I actually do need an extra boost!

After an hour of waiting outside the store, I finally got inside and acquired the video card effortlessly!


And here is the rebate form!  If everything goes well, I should be getting this video card for about $3 USD!


It may not be a top of the line video card but I hardly need anything powerful for my file server and on top of that, it’s almost free!

That’s a lot of shopping in a day!  Well, for the sake of my file server, this much shopping is needed.  Hopefully I will be able to start building it up sometime in December.  As the ultimate protector of my valuable data, I have decided to name this file server “Mazinger Z”, what better name can be suited for my file server other than the grandfather of all super robots in the modern era?!!!

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