Volks Doll Party 22 & White Album Dollfie Dream

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I have let myself gone a tad lazy for the past couple of days, I have been wanting to write an article about PVC figure aging based on suggestions from blogging comrade blowfish, but alas, I am still procrastinating over it because I have been mostly occupied by the news of Dolpa 22 and the new White Album Dollfie Dream releases~

A bunch of us in the flickr group have started to speculate over what Dollfie Dream might be coming out in the winter doll party, the first clue we had came about a little over a week ago when we found out about the White Album webpage that didn’t have any images on it at the time, however, as more information became available, the White Album Dollfie Dream were not due to come out in this upcoming Dolpa but instead a web order exclusive project similar to that of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann DD Project.

Dollfie Dream


Initially, I was very hesitant about the story of White Album after reading some online review about it, but my mind began to sway when I was presented with the project image…. these are some really good Dollfie Dream candidates… and at the very minimum, these idol style clothing would fit my Dollfie Dream daughters very well! After a few more conversation with a few figure.fm members, I decided I have to at learn about Rina and Yuki despite the fact that I may not be very interested in the plot of the story (based on my understanding thus far, the main protagonist is a real prick…. all of the guys were real prick…, why… I want to read about some decent/hotblood guy doing his best, not a real prick getting involved in multiple women!). Anyway, I have already decided to at least see what kind of girls 森川 由綺 Morikawa Yuki and 緒方 理奈 Ogata Rina are, then so be it.

The next piece of news is none other than what I have been anticipating for some time, Doll Party 22, or Dolpa 22 for short, slated to be held in Tokyo Big Sight on December 6th. The two new Dollfie Dream coming out in Dolpa 22 are Shiranui Mai 不知火舞 from the fighting game Fatal Fury 2 and King of Fighter.


Mai’s spec is as follows: (Thanks to Toel, who provided the information for the head maker for us)

- Head Maker : Rimuka (DD Rin, MDD Iria)
- Technical details : 22mm eyes, original head, DDdy normal skin
- Price : 52,000 JPY

Mai does carry a trace of Rin Tohsaka in her head mold design as suggested by a few flickr group members, I am not really taken in by her just yet as I don’t find her promotional picture very attractive, though it must be reminded yet again that Volks is not exactly good at taking good pictures of their own Dollfie Dream!

Next in the line up is Mashiro Mito 泉戸 ましろ from a visual novel called Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity, which I have no knowledge of what-so-ever… (what?! aren’t you suppose to be this all knowing eroge gamer?!!!) Gomen gomen, I am not a fan of nekomimi, so I skip games like this…. anyway, while I might not be highly interested in DD Mito myself… there is something from Mito I am very interested in…



Mito’s spec is as follows: (Thanks to Toel, who provided the information for the head maker for us)

- Head Maker : Misaki Seirika (DD Sayaka/Kotori, Nemu, Saber…)
- Technical details : 22mm eyes, original head mold, L Bust.
- Price : 54,000 JPY

The Deity dress set which freature a silver colored wig! I have been looking to get a replacement wig for Feena for the longest time since her original wig just fails so miserably that I have refrain from taking close up photo for her (Volks planted a lot of frizzy hair onto Feena’s wig to make it look thicker and to allow it to hold onto her crown, but it just fail… just fail). This might just be the chance that I can give Feena a brand new look!

Looks like I won’t be adopting new daughters in the upcoming Dolpa 22, but I will be spending money primarily on dresses and accessories. What surprised me the most is the re-release of Dollfie Dream Saber’s casual dress set


And to ride on the coattail of the Evangelion 2.0 movie: You can(not) advance, Volks is releasing the new Evangelion School uniform set!


Which is very exciting since I have been thinking about picking up the school uniform for Asuka but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for the inflated price tag in Yahoo Japan Auction. Come on Volks, re-release more dress sets!

And a few other things…

2009-11-15T18 40 46-a06a2

Moe and Natsuki modeling for new Autumn wear? Perhaps a bit late by the time Dolpa 22 arrives :P Moe is looking a bit more delicious in the new wig…. ummm, a mistake to not take Moe home? Could it be?


Ummm what should I call these? Bunny suits? Not quite, might just want to pick these up in case I am in the mood for some yuri photograph sessions?

And swords!


Might try for a few of these as well~

Anyway, since I won’t be adopting new daughter in the upcoming Dolpa 22, I would be follow my original plan to build a Windows Home Server in the holiday season!

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