Dollfie Dream Sasara X Dollfie Dream Sasara

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A few days ago I have briefly mentioned in that my 2nd Sasara from Volks USA lottery was due to arrive in a few days, well, today is the day. But why do I have a 2nd Sasara? Am I crazy? Madness? Insane? No, I had legitimate reason to do that, well, before Dollfie Dream Gathering announced that they are releasing DDDy body as a standard item that is. And to make a long story short, I am willing to consider putting up my 2nd Sasara up for adoption since there is no strong reason I have to keep her as parts anymore and I would much rather have someone who missed out on their chance to get their own Sasara to become her new parent.  And on top of there, a few members have exhibited interest in adopting Sasara from me so I am writing this post to offer this chance to everyone to and readers of my own blog.
Dollfie Dream Sasara 久寿川 ささら X Dollfie Dream Sasara 久寿川 ささら

It is my duty to find her a new loving home so I can’t just let her to go to any random family, definitely no to Dollfie Dream Sharks or Dollfie Dream Molester :P

(You may also notice there is also a Dollfie Dream Louise in the package, but she is not for me, I am holding her for a friend I owe a favor to for the next 6 months).

I consulted the current Yahoo Japan Auction for Sasara’s adoption fee and she is still rather expensive to adopt aftermarket


A like new Sasara is going for 125k yen and still going >.>; Let it be known that I have no intention of letting my Sasara go in an auction style.  I absolutely hated Dollfie Dream Sharks that lurk around Yahoo Japan Auction and I strongly condemn  them, but I can’t condemn them if I turn around and do the same thing as they do, that’s call a hypocrite.  I have determined a fixed price of $650 USD before shipping and any applicable insurance.  Since the price is fixed, there will be a contest of some sort to help me determine who is the most worthy to become the new parent for Sasara if the are enough people interested in adopting her.  The exact date of this contest has not been determined, possibly in about 1.5 months (since a few people have expressed that they needed time to save up money), into the Christmas holiday of 2009.

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