Ninth Dollfie Dream Daughter-Dollfie Dream Airi’s Arrival~

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I have been waiting for this day to come for the past 2 weeks or so, my 9th daughter, Dollfie Dream Airi has arrived at my residence today!  The fact that she arrived today, just a day after I watched Queen’s Blade 2nd Season Episode 5, where she played a major role in the story is just extra special to me.  I have always wanted to believe, despite the lack of screen time for Airi in Queen’s Blade Season 1 and Season 2 thus far, that she is more than just a life sucking assassin/ghostly maid, loyal servant to the Swamp Witch (I have yet to see this so call Swamp Witch to do anything evil by the way).  I was jumping overjoy that Airi is indeed a character worthy to become my daughter, for in depth review of the Queen’s Blade Season 2 Episode 5, please visit blogsphere comrade Smithy’s Blue Blue Wave.  Enough talk, let’s take a look at the loots~

  • Alter Chouko Sennin Narika
  • Dollfie Dream Excellen Browning’s dress set
  • Dollfie Dream Airi
  • T2 Art Works Collect1
  • Victorian Style Dollfie Chair
  • Cloak for Dollfie Saber

Dollfie Dream Loot

Most of these items were acquired from Yahoo Japan Auction and I have decided to give ShoppingMallJapan a try because of their automated bidding system was quite appealing to me.  Most of the bidding services I have looked at in the past required cash deposit, well it would be fine if I were to win the auction, but if I happened to lose the auction, my cash would get stuck in paypal, which isn’t exactly a cool thing to do.  ShoppingMallJapan on the other hand, is able to take credit card authorization as a form of deposit, so I don’t have to worry about the win/lost scenario.

Anyway, the biggest highlight of this shipment is no doubt my ninth daughter, Dollfie Dream Airi, let’s take a look at her~

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Air’s skirt is so short that you can also peek into her pantsu with her standing upright :)

And her trademark Scythe!

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Here I try to have Airi mimic one of the earliest figure of I have of her.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Oh oh, what are you doing with your scythe?!!

Now that Airi has arrived, hehehe, I finally have the excuse to add some “intimate” moments in my Dollfie Dream Theater soon, but not yet, but definitely soon.

Let’s not forget there is also a Victorian style chair in this shipment, so let’s have Airi try it out for us~  Been wanting that to add a little bit more spice for indoor photos.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Airi アイリ

Not exactly a high quality product, and the shipping was a killer >.>;  But it will serve its purpose, at least for now.

Ever since I spotted the Saber cloak in some Dollfie event coverage from, I have been wanting one for Saber so there, grabbed one as I was in the mood for auction priced item >.>;

Dollfie Dream Saber セイバー

Will definitely do more photo shoot for Saber and Airi in the not so distance future~

Next up is the T2 Art Work Collect 1 that was released in C76, I didn’t plan on buying this until I saw the review in Blue Blue Wave.  I have always liked Tony’s work but I seldom have time to track down his work anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it when I am presented with images like these!!


Native Kotone Ousaka 桜坂琴音 Tony Taka

Here is the famous Kotone Ousaka~

Tony Taka

Can’t go wrong with Tony x Asuka, just can’t go wrong with it.

Tony Taka

Not really a Hayate fan myself, but I have been fond of Hinagiku since season 1, this is just over the top goodness.

This Tony C76 Collect 1 is so overflowing with ecchiness that it’s hard to pick what to show >.>;  For the mere price of 1260 yen, it’s a huge bargain!  For more in depth review of this piece of art, please go to Smithy’s Blue Blue Wave.

I want to do a photo shoot for Narika some time, but not right now, I wanted to finish up writing her story before doing a photo shoot for her; so if you are interested to see Narika in action, please visit blogsphere comrades Meronpan’s WAWAWA 忘れ物 and Tier’s Tentacle Armada.  I really need to get my ass moving on finishing Narika’s arc in Beat Blade Haruka.

As for Excellen Browning’s dress set…. well I have always been fond of Excellen through playing Super Robot War Original Generation, though her Dollfie Dream rendition isn’t exactly to my liking so I decided to pick up her dress set so that I can have one of my daughters cosplay as her :P

Excellen Browning

Since I failed to acquire Dollfie Dream Natsuki through the fierce competitions of Volks’ Dollfie Dream Gathering open web order, this dress set will have to wait a bit before I have a suitable L bust model.

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