Nikon D5k + Camera Control Pro and Hikari Photo Studio Upgrade

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It’s been a little over a month since I have made the jump to the rank of entry level DSLR with the recent purchase of Nikon D5000, and I have to say I am very pleased with the result I have been able to achieve with the Nikon D5000 so far.  Some of the photos I have taken with my dollfie daughters outdoor were quite a bit better than what I was able to achieve with my old Sony DSC-F707.  However, indoor photo has remained to be a challenge up to this point.  With the weather turning cold, it has become increasing unlikely that I can take my dollfie daughters outside again this year.  So it was time to finally invest in a continuous light umbrella set.

Updated this post to include the 2nd part of the upgrade where I fine tuned the white balance setting

Indoor Dollfie Dream Photography with Lighting Umbrella Setup – Hikari Photo Studio Upgrade Part 2

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ エスカレイヤー 遠坂 凛Panchira

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I was definitely looking for some sort of a bargain so I ended up picking CowboyStudio New Photo Photography Video Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Light Kit Set- 2 7ft Stands, 1 Mini Stand and Carry Case from  The Light Kit came with everything for me to get started:

    * Two(2) professional tripod/light stands, 7 Ft Max height
    * One(1) Professional Tripod/Mini Light stand, Maximum height is 2.2 Ft
    * Three(3) High quality light sockets, Two(2) High quality 33″ Soft umbrellas
    * One(1) High Quality Carry Case
    * Three(3) 45 Watt 5500k daylight balanced photo light bulbs

The kit actually arrived several days ago but one of the daylight bulb was dead on arrival, I contacted the shop Cowboy Studio and asked for a replacement bulb, they sent one to me without asking a second question, good service.  And here we have a couple of photos with different light setup and white balances:

The first one here was taken with flash, Aperture was f/18, Shutter was 3 seconds, ISO = 200.  The color temperature was tweaked to 5400K.  This picture is only here for comparison sake.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ エスカレイヤー 遠坂 凛Panchira

Now that was before I got my light kit setup, so now let’s take a look at the same shot with the continuous light kit!

With the continuous light in place, obviously I am not firing the flash anymore.  I kept the aperture the same while tweaking the shutter to 1/1.6, ISO = 200, white balance on auto.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ エスカレイヤー 遠坂 凛Panchira

The color temperature seems to be on the “cool” side of things so I experimented with some setting and tried to set white balance to Day White fluorescent.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ エスカレイヤー 遠坂 凛Panchira

The color turned a bit warmer but I am not sure if that’s the right color either.  All in all, I am quite satisfied with the performance of this light kit.  The light is very uniform and I don’t have to fire to flash anymore.

This is another shot taken with auto white balance Aperture f/29, Shutter 1.6s.

Dollfie Dream DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ エスカレイヤー 遠坂 凛 Panchira Saber

Let see what else do we have here for experimental shot…. oh there you are!


Griffon Enterprise Airi arrived two days ago and is the first new figure got to try out the new lighting system, does it sounds like I am giving preferential treatment to Airi?


And couple other random shots, grabbing a few of my favorite figurines…


Native Kotone Ousaka 桜坂琴音 Tony Taka


I am sure I still have a lot to learn to improve my indoor photography, feel free to leave any comments and suggestions.

Another new upgrade I should like to discuss is the software I began using recently, Camera Control Pro 2 by Nikon.  It’s a really neat software that allow me to control my D5000 from the comfort of my desk!  I have always dream of being able to see the picture at full scale while taking the shot, but now it’s no longer a dream!

Nikon D5000 and Camera Control Pro

The pictures are instantly sent to my computer via the mini-usb connection so I can look at the picture at full scale right at the comfort of my desk.  This feature has helped me tremendously, especially for Dollfie Photography, where a slight turn of the head can make a world of difference in the shot.

Here are some screen shots of the control

Nikon D5000 and Camera Control Pro

Nikon D5000 and Camera Control Pro

Nikon D5000 and Camera Control Pro

Hopefully with all the new upgrade, I can improve the quality of my indoor photos in the not so distance future.

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