Early September loots – DSLR, M.O.E. Fate, Asuka and Saber Lily

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Several of my pre-order I placed over the past couple of months have finally arrived, among those are the Volks Model of Entertainment (M.O.E) 1/7 Fate T. Harlaown , Kotobukiya French Maid Asuka, E2046 Gathering Saber Lily Prepainted, and last but certainly not least is my newly acquired Nikon D5000 with AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm lens!


So far I am very happy with the D5000, it’s got the picture clarity that I have been longing for and while it is more complicated than my previous Sony Cybershot DSC-F707, I am starting to get the hang of it!  Since I am more or less a beginner, please pardon me if I come with a less than perfect focus shot!


I am quite happy with the iTTL flash function as it can adjust the strength of the flash according to the ambient lighting condition, the color space is also a bit more natural I think?  I will do a more thorough review of the camera once I got the hang of all the bells and whistles.

Now, the rest of the loots


Fate comes with two face attachments and a couple of hand attachments which allow you to configure her into dual wield and single Zanbar form.  I am not too fond of the open mouth head so I am glad to see Volks included the alternate face attachment.  I should do a more detail review in the near future.  There hasn’t been many StrikerS version of Fate out there yet, the Movic version is about subpar in terms of quality at best, while the Volks version still leaves some room for improvement, it’s most likely the best looking StrikerS Fate in terms of PVC we have to-date.  One thing I have got to mention though, the hand attachments Fate’s left hand is not a tight fit and would come off quite easily!  How is she suppose to hold a sword if the fit isn’t tight?  Quality problem?  I don’t want to glue it in otherwise I won’t be able to change her weapon that way.  I think a little blue tac will do the trick though

The Kotobukiya 1/7 Asuka French Maid version also arrived a couple of days ago, I was really fortunate to be able to pick her up from a sale after my original pre-order for her got cancel by the merchant I went with.  I have got to do a joint photo shoot of her with Dollfie Dream Asuka sometime soon!



And we also have the E2046 Gathering Saber Lily!

She came in as pieces to be assemble just like most Gathering Pre-painted Resin.


The chest plate is actually magnetically attached to the chest area, another nice gimmick from the good folks from E2046 Gathering.  The fitting between the chest plate and her right arm is a bit tight and it was tricky to get both pieces on, so if you are able to put her together, pay attention to that!




And this is what she looks like after assembly!


Ironically, this Gathering Saber Lily was the last one I had ordered but she beat out the GSC version and Alter version to come to my house!  As usual with the Gathering prepainted resin model, you can expect the same high level of finishes and craftsmanship.  The details are crisp and pretty good use of shading.  While one might argue the GSC version may be superior in terms of sculpture itself, but one can never have too many Saber Lily now, or can I?

Hopefully I would be able to find time to do a detail review on these new arrival soon.

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