Japan Trip Report Day 3 and the Journey Home

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Hello again everyone, Fräulein Asuka is back for the last trip report.  Papa wanted to say sorry for those of you who tried to get on this site but couldn’t in the last day or so, the web hosting service side was having some problem and caused anything related to the wordpress database to slow to a crawl; over 90% of the query to the database would time out.  Papa has implemented several improvements on the site which included installing WordPress Super Cache so hopefully it won’t go down like that again in the near future.  Anyway, enough chit chat, I am here to deliver the last trip report for Papa’s recent trip to Japan, you can read the Day 1 report here and Day 2 report here.


Day 3 was actually a bonus day for Papa since the original plan he made with Fumoffu didn’t include this day, so it was a last minute thing but Papa would take it anyway since he had been enjoying his stay in Japan and actually would loved to spend an extra day there!  The agenda for Day 3 was to visit areas that wasn’t included in Day 1 and Day 2, and Papa really wanted to visit the Volks store in Harajuku since it was only two JR stations away from his hotel in Shinjuku.

First stop of the day, Harajuku


And his first destination is of course the Tenshi no Sumika in Harajuku!



Papa was very happy to be able to find the Tenshi-no-Koromo cutie checked style dress here as a display model, a Dolpa 21 limited item.  The sale assistant was carefully taking the dress off from the display model wearing gloves and everything, she even carefully cleaned up the shoes and check for any stains too.  But time was running short and he didn’t want to make Fumoffu san and his friend wait too long so they left soon after he got that dress from the store and proceed to walk around the area.

Some scenes around Harajuku, Harajuku is like a rather busy regular shopping district with shops on both sides of the road.  The rest of the trip in Harajuku composed of mostly walking along the main road he was on, most of the shops were selling fashion clothes, no otaku stuff in there at all >.>;




A pretty strange looking building!


A Chinese style building!  And somehow this picture caught a view of an old Mustang!

The way the street and how the shops looked like remind Papa of Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong.



Interesting sign here, what does Fcuk means in French?


Since there weren’t many things for Otaku to do in Harajuku, Papa left Harajuku and took the train to Shibuya.


Shibuya felt like a different kind of shopping district, the demographic seemed younger than Harajuku.  Papa said there were many many cute girls in this region >.>; and mini-skirt so short that it should be renamed as “micro-skirt”.


Although it was theoretically possible to stay there all day and just enjoy the view, but Papa’s Otaku root drove him back to where an Otaku should be, the Laser and Music Show for the Odaiba Gundam!


And here we have a short video clip of the area!

The Laser and Music show ticket cost 2500 yen on the spot.  After we got the ticket, Papa bought some BBQ pork and a beer and tried to relax after a whole day of walking.


The BBQ pork was very delicious and that store had the longest line out of all the shops in the area!

After we had some food and relaxed for a bit, the ground staffs cleared the whole area and made everyone with a ticket lined up outside and wait for the show to start.



The line was so long that Papa couldn’t see the end of it, so he decided to wait until the line shorten a bit before queuing up for it.


The actual Laser and Music Showed started around 9:30pm and there were a lot of people @.@  All of the park benches that were there before were all removed!


And finally the Laser show started and everyone in the park were cheering!


The band that was there was play different Gundam music with a video clip to go along with it.


Although the quality wasn’t very good, but Papa did take a short video clip with the Fujifilm Finepix P20.


There were certainly a lot of people there!  After another whole day of action packed activity, Papa was very tired already so he decided to cut out early (beat the crowd to the train!) and return to the hotel to pack up and prepare the journey home.

After a barrage full of activities during the past 3 days, there were many fond memories to recall upon.  The next day, we had to check out from the hotel by 10:00am so we arrived at the JR Narita Express Station early to take a few more pictures around the area.




But there was one more task that Papa must do before he leaves Japan…..


That’s it, to eat a JR station bento!


An important experience that Papa almost forgot about!  Traveling to Japan meaning he had to try this one of the most favorite pass time while riding on a JR train!  There were several bentos to choose from but Papa chose the Shinjuku Bento at the end.

Most train station bento is served cold and this one is no different.


The bento was quite delicious despite being cold!

After a few hours of waiting, we finally got on the plane and this time Papa got a window seat!


We can almost see the ocean from here, we were close to leaving Japan :(  But I am sure Papa will come back again someday!


And some food we had on our flight back home.




Papa has gotten fond of drinking Port wine with dessert after this trip to Japan, that subtle sweetness in Port went well with the cheese cake there!

Since it was a long flight home, Papa also had some midnight snack.


And the breakfast?  Should we call that breakfast?  Chicken pop pie was quite good too!


More snack before we finally arrived home!



And that’s about conclude Papa’s trip report to Japan.  What a lightning fast pace, action packed trip it was!  I hope you all have enjoyed my trip report, if you think I have done a good job for Papa’s trip report, please take a moment to participate on the poll :D  If I get good marks for the trip report, I might even got to travel with Papa again next time!  So, be sure to vote!

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