Dollfie Dream Theater EP02

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Time is ticking away as my planned Japan trip is slated to happen tomorrow, assuming my standby ticket status remain positive.  However, due to some weather problem, my standby ticket status is in a little jeopardy at this point.  I remain cautiously optimistic that I should be in Japan on Wednesday.  Anyway, before my trip, I managed to finish a project that started almost a month ago.  Here I present to you the Dollfie Dream Theater EP02, a continuation of the last episode (for those of you who have not read the last episode, please follow this link Dollfie Dream Theater EP01).  A slight surprise will be waiting for you at the end of the story!





Just where is this place that my Dollfie Dream daughters are going?  What “fate” may awaits them in the next world?  Stay tune to find out from the next chapter!

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