My Imaging Armory and seeking advise from camera otaku around the world

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In response to Danny’s call for our imaging equipment, I thought I would ride the bandwagon again and try to seek some advise from the camera otaku lurking in

I am actually a little embarrassed to show my “imaging armory” (more like an aging niche weapon!). But since I have just gone outside to take some photos for my dollfie daughters, I have discovered a major pit fall and “some” advantage with my current setup and would like to take this chance to seek some advise from some camera otaku here!

So here is my setup, ~ 8 years old 5 megapixels Sony DSC-F707, with a Sony VCL-M3358 close up lens and a no name wide angle lens. The camera come equipped with
Carl Zeiss
f/2.0-2.4 to f/8
38-190mm equiv.
58mm threads
6-blade iris

It’s not anywhere close to a DSLR but I have always found it to be sufficient over the years since I have been doing indoor shooting most of the time and have access to my computer to download the pictures when I run out of space…. since this camera is so old, it’s only compatible with first generation memory stick as shown in picture (a whopping 128 MB!), my only memory stick of that generation, it’s capable of storing 99 pictures at 2560X1920 resolution with standard quality…. I am guessing most of you already realized what my problem is… without the luxury of a netbook or a notebook computer (I gave up my aging P4 notebook to my brother some months ago, now I wish I would just take it back!) with me, I am a sitting duck once I used up my 99 shots >.>; I would still be fine normally since when would I need to used up all 99 shots anyway, but I am so wrong.

As I begin to discover, the near infinite possibility of Dollfie Photography, it not some scenery (where it stay still) or people (you can take them to look at your camera). A slight turn of the head would make a world of difference in Dollfie Photography, so I had to resort into taking many shots of the same pose and hope I would at least get one or two shots with the correct angle. May be I am just not skillful enough but compounding with the space limitation, it’s a huge problem for me.

However, I still believe this camera is fairly decent for what’s it’s capable of doing, it’s just that space limitation and the thought of investing on a new “whopping” 128MB or 256MB memory stick isn’t very appealing to me.

And this is one of the shots I took over the weekend…

I think the quality of the lens is still decent even though the camera is close to 8 years old.

This camera also has a rather unique feature, which is the ability to tilt the LCD preview screen.

Like this.

I never thought much of it except for occasional convenience, but as I discovered over the weekend, this tilt feature can also offer a major advantage…. which is direct view “Pantsu shots”

I never thought the tilt feature would come into play like this but it was really great!

So here is my dilemma, while I still think the camera is fairly decent, the space limitation is killing me and preventing me from enjoying my day out with my Dollfie daughters. What do you all camera otaku think? Should I stick with this camera and get more aging first generation memory stick (which can be rather expensive since they don’t make much of them anymore), or get a netbook to allow me to preview the image while I am on the go? Or bite the bullet and get myself a new DSLR with the ability to equip higher capacity memory media?

Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!

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