OTACOOL Room Photo Submission

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It seems that Kotobukiya and Danny have been working closely to bring about more synergy between figurine manufacturer and us collectors through Danny’s newly launched figure.fm;  Kotobukiya loves the otaku room photos that were submitted to the 20090326 giveaway so much that they are planning to publish a book based on otaku room photos named – OTACOOL.  In response to Danny’s call to submit new photos, I once again took out my digital camera and started snapping photos of my command center!


It seems that somehow, my Dollfie daughters and Hikari photo studio managed to get on the cover!  Well, it’s not the finalized version it is quite cool already!

Anyway, I snapped a bunch of photos and hopefully some of them will get picked for the book!  To be honest here, I never was ready to take good photos during the giveaway since I was literally buried in junk before, I guess it really took 4 months to completely reorganize my room to a point where I can safely take photos of it without embarrassing myself in front of everyone.


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