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It’s been a month since I began playing Illusion’s latest game @HomeMate, I have had little expectation to start with but the game did not disappoint me, at least not as bad as some of the more recent Illusion titles.  I think I have managed to about 2/3 of the way before I lost interest of stroking the mouse all day long because that’s what it will eventually turned into when you play one of these sex simulator games >.>;  Only this time, I didn’t quite give up on the game totally, I soldiered on and play to Noa’s ending at the very minimum.  Since Illusion has already announced their next game 勇者からは逃げられない!, that just served as a final nudge in the back to finish up @HomeMate.

On day 21, only the girl with the highest affection will show up on the map where you will get the ending scene.


And then you will be presented with the ending dialogue.

Illusion Soft @Homemate

Illusion Soft @Homemate

Illusion Soft @Homemate

And here is my final stat on Noa.

Illusion Soft @Homemate

Overall, it’s a cute game, but it just got very repetitive after the first week or so, I guess I took it too seriously for the first couple of days and maxed out the affection too quickly and therefore it became a mouse stroking feast too soon.  I also never really understood how to achieve squirting/perpetual orgasm in the previous Illusion games but I accidentally triggered it once during the first couple of days and eventually understood the mechanics of achieving it.  That’s why the climax count is much higher.

And here I included some cute scenes I captured during my playthrough.

And to break away from my normal tradition, I have included a NSFW image page, it’s password protected so I don’t accidentally show NSFW images to minor.  To obtain the password, please sent a request to my email address wolfheinrich at hotmail dot com, or leave a comment down below.

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