1/5 Uesugi Kenshin FREEing version

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I am sure a lot of you have grown tired of my continuous Dollfie Dream and Otaku Project spam, how about a little change of pace and go back to the good old PVC figure review for a bit huh?  I have done a brief summary of this 1/5 FREEing Kenshin in the Dollfie Dream Completion Project Arrival post as I got her but that didn’t do her enough justice so I decided to do a more detail review for her.

One of the main reasons why I haven’t done much with PVC photo review is because of the wordpress 2.8 upgrade has broken one of my most favorite plug-in WordPress Flickr Manager.  It takes cares of everything for me, but since it’s broken and the developer is no where in sight, I am not sure when this is going to get fixed >.>;  I wish I never upgraded to wordpress 2.8 despite of all the new features, having a working flickr manager is way more important to me….

Anyway, enough ranting, let’s get back to Kenshin!  Believe me when I say this is probably the best looking Uesugi Kenshin PVC figure we have to-date, she definitely deserve this title.  The previous attempts by Griffon and Kotobukiya could not even come close to the beauty of this Kenshin.


For those of you who are not familiar with Uesugi Kenshin, she is one of the main heroines from the Alicesoft area conquering simulation game Sengoku Rance.  Sengoku Rance is actually a very good game, if you like Romance of the The Three Kingdom, you would like this.  You obviously play as Rance, the ultimate ecchi warrior.  Stage was set in feudal Japan and you were controlling Oda Nobunaga’s army. You were going to conquer the entire Japan because you wanted to have sex with every woman in the world.

As the leader of the Uesugi House, Uesugi is also known as the “God of Warfare”, her swordmanship was unparalleled in all of Japan.  She often lead the charge into enemy forces like an unstoppable whirlwind.

In one such encounter, she went into Rance (The ultimate ecchi warrior in all of the world!) when she was up against Oda Nobunaga’s army.

Just when she was about to finish him off…….


And just like that, the greatest swordsman in Japan fell in love with the ultimate ecchi warrior >.>;  Actually, this was quite a defining moment for her, and probably earned her the number one spot most popular eroge game heroine in 2007, by narrowly defeating Saber from Fate Stay Night.  Thanks to Toonleap from Cartoon Leap, I found out there is also an English translation of the Uesugi Kenshin path available for those of you who are interested in Uesugi’s story.

Image source http://heiseidemocracy.com/

Enough for background story, let’s dig into the figure.  Uesugi comes with a 1/5 scale and assumed a sitting position, she does take up a fair among of space and with one of the most detailed cast off instruction I have come across.  There is also a super large scale onigiri which she is trying to hide in her back!  Alternatively, you can also visit my flickr site for the full size pictures.

I really like her facial expression.

The chest plate, unlike the Griffon version, doesn’t look bulky at all, actually fit very nice to the body.

The sword is not just a decoration, it actually open up!

Now, get ready for cast off!

Unlike the Griffon version, this chest plate actually fit very nice over the body

Here is what it looks like from inside.

And the onigiri of course!

And the obligatory pantsu shot!

Overall, I think this is probably the best looking Uesugi Kenshin PVC figure we have to-date (besides my 1/4 Uesugi Kenshin from the Gathering series), priced at 11800 yen at Hobby Search, she is definitely on the expensive side of the scale.  But she is definitely worth the price tag for me.  With this figure purchase, I am steadily gaining confidence in FREEing’s ability (in cooperation with Good Smile Company) to produce great looking figure, much like the FREEing bunny series Ryoko Asakura.

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