Project Tenso phase 2 and End of May loot inspection

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Been posting rather frequently in the past day or so :P Woke up on this fine Saturday morning and heard the doorbell within minutes, it’s from the post office!  The Project Tenso packages have arrived!

Project Tenso Phase 2

This experimental project known as Project Tenso is meant to be a test run to say what I can do with a real Japanese address.  To be absolutely honest here, it was not as easy as I had hoped.  The biggest problem as it will remain, is that I don’t have a Japanese credit card with a Japanese address… now Amazon Japan is quite far along with dealing with oversea customer and they even have options in their payment system to allow you to enter a separate billing address from the shipping address, so no problem there.  However, both packages were flagged as possible fraud by my credit card company, possibly because the billing address and shipping address are different; luckily I was at home when they called with an automated service so I was able to authorize the charge.  I am going to give it one more try in the future and see if they still flag it as fraud.  Now it’s time for a cost comparison that I had promised from my earlier post.  For the sake of comparison, I will be using the Amazon Japan package since I have make a similiar purchase in both cases.

First, the total run down of the new package from Amazon Japan through

Project Tenso Phase 2

And this is the cost of the Amazon package from Goody Japan.

Project Tenso Phase 2

Now the weight of the two packages are not the same and since Tenso charge by weight and Goody Japan charge by % commission, it’s difficult to compare their cost side by side.  I think I will eventually compile an excel spreadsheet to do an accurate costing for each purchase from now on since they both have their advantages.  But for the moment, let me just do a cross comparison to see what it would have costed me if I had switched the packages around.

Cost table from Tenso

Project Tenso Phase 2

Cost table from Goody-Japan

Project Tenso Phase 2

Tenso is running a commission marked down campaign, for the first 10000 customers?  Not sure how long it will last but I would use their marked down pricing for now:

Tenso cost on the two perfect visual book would have been:

Weight: 2750g

Commission: 980yen, compare to the 1245 yen I paid to Goody-Japan, Tenso win

Goody-Japan on the new Amazon Package would have been:

Since the total cost of the package is less than 5000 yen, the commission for the whole order would be 750 yen fixed plus the bank wiring fee 300 yen.

Commission: 750 yen + 300 yen = 1050 yen compared to the 980 yen I paid to Tenso, Tenso win.

So, from a commission point of view, Tenso win in both cases.

However, if I were to widen the scope to say having multiple packages from different sources, Tenso would have lost out on the shipping end of the stick because Tenso do not currently offer combined shipment of packages.

Project Tenso Phase 2

My original plan was to see if Tenso could combine the two packages and have it sent to me in a single package, because I wanted to save the EMS shipping of an additional package.  By my rough estimate, I could have saved may be 1500 yen in shipping if Tenso were able to combine the shipment.  After exchanging email with the Tenso support person, it seems they plan to offer combine shipment service soon.  I remain hopeful and would continue to try to use in the future if the opportunity arises.

Pro of, they charge by weight instead of % cost, their cost average improves as the cost of the goods goes up. Example: Dollfie Dream! expensive electronics, etc.

Con of, do not currently offer combine shipment, if you have multiple packages, they will ship them separately.

Pro of Goody-Japan, they offer combine shipment to save on shipping if there is opportunity to put 2 packages into one.

Con of Goody-Japan, they charge by % cost, so the commission will go up quick the more expensive the goods.

In the future, I hope to compile a spreadsheet so I don’t have to do this kind of manual calculation again :P

Let’s proceed to loot inspection, shall we?

The Volks package, Tenso actually overpack the Volks box with an over carton plus a little bit of bubble wrap, may be too little… I would have preferred the empty space to be packed with paper or something.. but the package arrived safe and sound though.

Project Tenso Phase 2

Project Tenso Phase 2

Finally, the all too elusive Type C saddle stand and the wig stopper!  Both items are still out of stock in Volks USA.  In fact, there was may be a very small window of opportunity that the type c stand was available in Japan, it’s gone out of stock again!  They must be making a killing off these stand and they can’t keep it in stock for more than a few short days!  I should start designing Doll stand instead lol.  Adopting a Dollfie Dream is serious business here, even with all these packages arriving I am still not completely prepared to take care of my DD Escalayer… soon I will all the supplies ready.

And in the Amazon Japan package…

Project Tenso Phase 2

More Feena goodies!  @.@ Why you looking at me funny like that?  I actually bought these in honor of Cynthia Marguerite :P I am actually very tempted to pre-order her limited edition pocket watch … which is open for pre-order in Hobby Search.

Project Tenso Phase 2

Obviously, my main reason to get these magazines was to get my hands on the trading figures!

Project Tenso Phase 2

Feena in her casual dress and my first Cynthia figure!  I can’t wait to see an actual release of Cynthia PVC figure!

Now the lovely ladies trading figure set is now completed!

Project Tenso Phase 2

And the magazines themselves…

Project Tenso Phase 2

And when I flipped them open, I noticed bonus!

Project Tenso Phase 2

Nice pull out of Feena and the Marguerite sisters!  I am glad I went and bought them now, hehe!  There are numerous eroge game pull out posters inside too, some are just too NSFW for me to pose them here!

More packages are slated to arrive in the remaining days of the month!  1/8 Senhime from Alter and 1/5 Freeing Kenshin have been shipped out and hopefully I will be able to reveal the identities of my newly adopted musumes within this month!

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