Schoolmate Sweet! final wrap up

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As we are drawing close to the end of May, a new Illusion game @Home Maid is slated to hit the street.  Judging from the information I have been able gathered so far, I have reason to believe it will be a better game than the previous two releases from Illusion Soft, as both Schoolmate Sweet! and Box-Hako- both failed to generate enough interest in the gaming community.


So, with only a few more calendar days left before the new game comes out, I finally brought myself together and try to finish up Schoolmate Sweet! that was released back in February this year.

Schoolmate Sweets!

As I have discussed in one of my earlier post here and there.  There isn’t much game play to speak of, it’s basically a cross between a 3D visual novel with the ability the spin around the environment and free mode camera shoot out like Digitial Girl Rin.  The visual novel part of the game, or should I say scenario selector, contain a selection of very short stories (or simply an excuse to get to the eroge scene) for each characters.

Schoolmate Sweets!

Even though I am able to understand the story, I simply cannot get myself into the mood of taking the game seriously.  A few of the stories gave me a chuckle here and there

Schoolmate Sweets!

Schoolmate Sweets!

but for the most part they are all pretty lame excuses to get to the eroge scenes.  But in the spirit of finishing the game, I have managed to click through two of my favorite girls off the bunch and collected some screen shots to share with everyone.


I don’t think I can recommend this game to anyone to be honest here, straightly from the game play standpoint, I think 3D custom girl is a better game despite its primitive nature.  I got distracted away from the Schoolmate Sweet! so many times even though I can understand the story.  Here is the hope that @ Home maid would bring a new dimension to the Illusion Soft line up.

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