Mid May loot inspection round 2

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Still in the middle of planning my come back strategy on adopting Rin Tosaka Dollfie Dream, whether I should go straight to Yahoo Japan Auction (a few Rin Tosaka DD has already popped up on Yahoo Japan Auction but they all come at a ridiculous price, some even ask for as much as 90000yen for a 50000yen Dollfie Rin, no thanks, I am not in that much of a hurry!), or try to take a shot at the After event items, still undecided.  In the mean time, two of boxes have arrived for inspection for the month of May, this is the 3nd round of loots arrival for the month so far.  Let’s take a look at what we have here:

Dollfie Dream Escalayer

The package from Volks USA contains mostly Dollfie Dream care items, two of the TYPE-A wooden base stands, the oil spray, hair mist and Hair Brush designed for Super Dollfie.

Volks Dollfie Stand

I really wanted to get the TYPE C straddle stand instead of the TYPE A, but Volks USA went out of the TYPE C stand so I had to settle for the TYPE A.  Luckily, I was able to located a TYPE C stand at Volks International site over the weekend and it should arrive later this month.  The SD Hairbrush is really just a novelty item, I knew it is like a toothbrush but I got suckered into buying the Volks brand toothbrush designed for dollfie >.>;  I am not really sure how I am going to use the oil spray and the mist, I guess time will tell.  I have already noticed that Escalayer’s long hair is crying for some maintenance since I have played with her wig several times.  That’s also part of the reason why I have refrain from taking a photo session with her up to this point.  I really wanted to have a stand before I do anything; even though Dollfie Dream do stand on their own if you do a good job in setting her pose, Escalayer has a heavy chest and it’s still rather easy to tip over (already happened once and I vowed not to let that happen again, luckily I don’t think she had suffered any cosmetic damage).

The Hobby Search package comes with a 60cm Doll metal stand made by Cuties that DD Escalayer is using right now, plus the Moonlight Cradle version cushion cover for both Feena and Estel, anyone feel surprised to see more Feena goods showing up at my doorstep?

Feena and EstelFeena and Estel

Estel is looking pretty sweet in her cushion cover, though Feena is still my first pick out of all the Yoake girls.  Looking at these two cushion covers may have you thinking the Feena didn’t get her second exclusive position on the backside, fear not my friend, the real Feena cushion cover is slated to come out in late June.

Feena Fam Earthlight

Image is from Hobby Search.  Do I have it on pre-order?  You bet!

Wait!  Hold on a second here, I have only adopted one Dollfie but how come I have 3 Doll stands and one more on the way, Feito chan won’t show up until sometime in July… hmmm, what could that possibly mean?!!!  Could it be the effect of the Dollfie Dream Completion Project?!!

Dollfie Dream Instrumentality Project

Just who are the mysterious Dollfie Dreams that can’t wait to be my musumes??

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