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After the disappointment of not being able to adopt Rin Tosaka DD at the Dolpa 21 limited item lottery, I have managed to pick myself up and launched a supplementary project yesterday.  This project, code name PT, also known as Project Tenso, is the new pathway that opened up to me.


In my previous study of Yahoo Japan Auction, I have determined that Goody-Japan is the service of choice when it comes down to expensive auction items such as Dollfie Dream.  However, it is still undecided whether it’s the most economical way to purchase items through Amazon Japan.  Now, after working with Amazon Japan for a little bit, I have noticed that Amazon Japan actually ship certain items such as books and CDs outside of Japan and they have a shipping policy.  But for the sake of argument, I have decided to have Amazon Japan to ship the magazines I am buying to the Tenso address so I can do a cost comparison with Goody-Japan.  Once again, there is no domestic shipping cost if your purchase is over 2000 yen.


I have already received an email from Amazon Japan that the items have already been shipped out to my Tenso address.  Perhaps this is a new path way to order hard to find magazines from now on?

And while I am on a roll, I went to Volks International site and purchased a few items that are currently out of stock in Volks USA site, such as the Type C straddle Stand for DD and the Doll wig-stopper.


I will report back on the cost break down once the whole order has been settled.  I am not 100% sure that the Volks order will go through as flawlessly as the Amazon Japan order, but we shall see in a few days time.  However, my gut feeling is that there will be some sort of break even point between a full blown shopping deputy service (such as Goody-Japan) vs. Forwarding address service (such as  I hope by the conclusion of this project, I will be able to determine that break-even point and share with everyone.

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