Mid May loot inspection and Dolpa 21 Limited Item lottery

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The day I have been waiting for since the beginning of the month has come and gone, I have been checking my email at work every half an hour but the result didn’t come until I was back at home.


I was so excited when I saw the email came through, but when I clicked on it… some of the items I put on the ticket were missing… namely the Rin Tohsaka DD and her school uniform set.  I can’t say I am very happy with the result but it’s not exactly the end of the world.  On one hand, it’s the first stumbling block I have encountered since I rolled out the Dollfie Dream Completion Project; but on the other hand, it will spare me from spending an extra $636 immediately.  I might eventually want to pick Rin up aftermarket and that usually mean I have to pay an extra 10-15% premium, so the fact that I couldn’t pick Rin up at the lottery event will mean that I have to spend more money in the long run.  The only saving grace for me is to relieve me of my guilt of spending too much money at one time >.>;  Enough talk about Dollfie Dream for now, let me move on to loots inspection.

A few boxes have arrived for inspection today.


And the content, half of the loots this time are purchased after reading reviews of the items from my live blogroll.


Before I go any further, I would like to take a moment to give my thanks to one of my comrades Optic from the Dis-jointedzone.  See that Nanoha Visual Collection in the upper right corner?  This must be like the second or third time that I went straight to order the magazine after reading Optic’s review, it really pays to go check his site once in a while to see if there is any good magazine out there :)   Thanks Optic!

Then in the middle pile we have G’s Magazine May edition, and I only really bought it as a tag along with the Nanoha Visual Collection, plus this issue comes with a bonus Estel Freesia bonus figure, yeah I know they are trading figure, but I need to have an Estel Freesia representative in my collection.  That little DS game tugged away at the bottom is the Super Robot War OG Saga: Endless Frontier.  I am a pretty big SRW fan and Endless Frontier has Kos-Mos Type IV from Xenosaga III as cross over, so I just have to buy it to show some support to Atlus so they would keep translating SRW games to the western auidence.

All the way to the left we have Raqel Gothic (original by Vispo) painted by E2046 Gathering.  Raqel is another immediate buy after I read her review at Exelica Meteor.  I am sure Jame’s photographic skill only help shows her beauty, but Gothic girl with a great axe is quite appealing by itself.  By the time I went to E2046 to look for her, version 3 was already sold out and the only one they have stock was version 1 and by the time they processed my order after the holiday weekend, they were down to 1 in stock.  A few days ago, in a rare occassion I have to say, E2046 has announced that will be making more Raqel Gothic version 2 due to increasing customer demand.  Now it’s probably the last chance you can grab a Raqel Gothic.


Edited: Tweaked some camera setting and the completed Raqel looks like this now:


I have picked up a macro filter and a light tent with 2 lamps set recently so let me try to put them into use and see if the picture quality improves.  I have been hestiating about using the set because I know my photographic skill isn’t quite good enough, but after talking to Melonpan from WAWAWA wasuremono, I decided that I should at least give it a try to share my findings with the light tent setup.  The next few pictures are taken with the filters inside the light tent, the new lights haven’t been deployed yet.



I guess I can zoom in a little more than I was able to in the past and with greater clarity to the details.



The details on the dress is quite good I have to say.


Obligatory pantsu shot!


The two slots are where the wings are attached, it’s a nice and tight fit, you can almost get away with no glue but it’s always safer to use glue if you don’t want to take any chances.



Details on the wings, I like the color on version 2 and 3 better, but I guess this will do as well.



Details on the clock base.  See those arms of the clock?  They actually spins freely!


I was actually a little worried about the hair piece getting damaged during shipping, but it seems to be ok!

Now with all the pieces combined, we have the completed Raqel Gothic!  Taken with 2 50W 5100k lamps on opposite sides, with the angles tilted above the figure.


Does that seems better than the photos I used to take?


This one seems a little too bright, got to turn the lamps away further next time…





I am really quite happy with Raqel Gothic, it is a very appealing figure and paint job is done without any visible flaw to my eyes, highly recommended if you are into gothic style figure!  Got to go work on my lighting effect skills a bit more in the next few days

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