Dollfie Dream Completion Project

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For the past few days I have been busy putting up the new loots I have acquired from Anime Central Convention (and to take a well earned break from all that Yoake  Mae Yori Ruriiro na story summaries), but at the same time, I have been planning my next major move.  Some of you are probably aware that I have recently adopted Dollfie Dream Dynamite Escalayer and I have been extremely pleased with her as my first musume.

My next major project, has been given the code name DDCP, also known as  Dollfie Dream Completion Project has already been set in motion for a few days now, an unprecedented level of funding has already been approved as part of this project.


And to quote one of the most heart felt statements I have seen recently from browsing through Dollfie Dream related blog sites:

I give up.  I saw pics of Rin Tosaka, Fate Testarossa, Nanoha Takamachi, Nagisa Furikawa, and Yoko/Nia Dollfie Dreams on Dannychoo.  I just give up.  I love Dollfie Dreams.  They give you so much more then static figures and statues can.  The detail and realism.  They are so lifelike.  And most importantly, they are 100% more moe then anime figures. -Punynari,Moé Passion

I can’t help it but to agree with Punynari, Dollfie Dream takes the Anime Figure collecting to the next level.  I used to not like dolls, like those made by Azone but the Volks Dollfie Dream line is different, I believe they are made to target Otaku like myself, with extremely well made and high quality doll-figure (where the word Dollfie comes from).  It is not to far outstretch to call them the ultimate figurine (to date) of your favorite 2D girls/Bishoujo.  In a recent post of the Realistic Yoko Figure from Max Factory, I see a lot of people commented about how the realistic Yoko doesn’t look Yoko anymore and anime heroines should retain their anime look, etc.  This is where Dollfie Dream really shine, they provide a solution to the life like anime figure that most Otaku like myself would prefer Dollfie Yoko.

I am sold, I am under the Dollfie Dream Fever right now, I am finding myself not getting as excited about PVC figurines as I have been in the past.  May 15th will be the one of the biggest day in recent months as Volks USA will announce the lottery result of the Doll Party 21 limited items.  I have submitted my entry for both Fate T Harlaown from Nanoha StrikerS and Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night.  Let see if I get lucky this time and won’t have to go to aftermarket auction site to get my Dollfie Dream fix :)

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