Anime Central 09 Day 2

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Just got back from Day 2 of Anime Central 2009 a few hours ago.  Today was somewhat special as I got to meet one of my fellow members from DC -  Fumoffu.  We had a pretty good time hunting loots together, if chance permits, we might even head out to Japan together for more loots hunting!

On Day 2, I head out a little later than yesterday and traffic was pretty bad on the way.  I ended up spending a few more hours hunting loots in the dealer room and here is the combined haul between yesterday and today.

Anime Central 2009

I didn’t have time to really take a closer look at the loots yesterday, but here they are by grouping:


Anime Central 2009

From the left we have Queen’s blade Airi from Megahouse (I decided to get her after reading her review in Meronpan’s review on her).  Next we have Tsuruyan-san from Max Factory (I kind of regretted not pre-ordering her after reading her review in T.I.P. website and the chance is there for me to redeem myself yet again, so chance taken).   Rin Tohsaka from Kotobukiya, I think I don’t have enough Rin figures and she wasn’t too expensive.  The last figure was Another Blood from Max Factory, I have no clue who she is really, but she looks very detail and I ended up buying her becuase she looks too good to be passed up.  And the Moonlight Cradle Mug, I didn’t know if I should get it, but the fact that I am craving for some Cynthia merchandise to ease my sadness, there we go.

Next we have the picture book collection

Bishoujo Artbook

Since I picked up Girl Girl Girl! 3 cover girl collection yesterday and it looked pretty good, I went back for Girl Girl Girl 2.  I think most of us already know what to expect from Girl Girl Girl! So let me move to the lower left book, Devil and Angel, apparently a collection of well Devils and Angels!

Bishoujo Artbook

To be honest here, I don’t think the ratio of Devils and Angels is fair and there are more good looking Devils than Angels….

Bishoujo Artbook

Bishoujo Artbook

Bishoujo Artbook

Bishoujo Artbook

Bishoujo Artbook

Then we have the magazines:

Bishoujo Artbook

Worthy note is the June edition of Megami comes with a little booklet of Nanoha and a pencil board with Young Fate on one side, Nanoha on the other.  Instant grab for me.

Queen’s blade play book:

Queen's Blade

I flipped open all of them and it seems to me that Alice is in embarrassing positions more than anyone else, that’s one thing I won’t be complaining.

Then we have the desk mat, all of them are 16.5″ X 11.5″

Fortune Arterial

Finally we have the bed sheets


And now the decision is final, Feena has overtaken Rin and has officially knocked Kos-Mos out of her position of my top 5 bishoujo girls!  I now have 3 unique Feena Dakimakuras, 1 bath towel, 2 Beach towels, 1 cushion cover and Kos-Mos is unfortunately no where close because of the lack of merchandise release.

I shall do a more detail review of the loots in the near future, but for now let me move on to show a couple more pictures of the convention:


Here is the booth where I bought the Feena bed sheet, somehow they haven’t managed to put it up when I was there, but the 2nd round through I saw it up.  Instant buy.  Fumoffu picked the bed sheet to the left, pretty neat to have two girls on one bed sheet :)


One of the desk mat vendors.

There were people…


People have been seen lining up hours before popular event such as Costume play etc.

more people…




I think one of the unique thing about this type of event is that you are welcomed to stop a cute looking girl from wherever she is going and take pictures of them without feeling weird.  Well, that’s for most people, I am still a little shy to do it myself.  I will be uploading the pictures that my younger brother took in a follow up post soon.

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