Anime Central 09 Day 1

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Just got back from Anime Central 09 a few hours ago and have been trying to recoup from all the walking, browsing and shopping for deals.  My primary goal for Day 1 was to raid the dealer room and and here we have the loots from Day 1


I have been back to Anime Central for a few years now and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The biggest surprise today was to see two Queen’s Gate Alice for $75


Here I thought they were all sold out everywhere, but I guess I was mistaken.  If I had only waited… I hesitated whethere to pick one up for backup but considering that I have just become a father for DDD Escalayer, I guess I shouldn’t.  Those two were gone later in the day, not sure if the vendor has more in stockroom or not.


The official merchandise booth



Bookstore Kinokuniya has some interesting things, I ended up buying a ton of books from them included a few play book for Queen’s blade.


I didn’t know what that Asuka was, until I found out it’s a $25 bedsheet made by SEGA, so cheap I just had to get it.


Some random booth


I didn’t find as many things as I would like from the dealer room today, no big surprises for me so far.  I was hoping to find a dollfie stand there lol, but I need to go to the dolpa in Japan to see that!

There was a panel for Ball Jointed Doll 101, considering I have “just” recently adopted DD Dynamite Escalayer, I had to go check it out.



I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but I guess I learned a few things from the panel at least, like cleaning, sealing (now I need to find out if I need to put sealing on my DD), wig care etc.  So just more things I need to pay attention to now.

Since the big focus was the dealer room today, I didn’t take too many Cosplay pictures, but I thought I should at least show this all mighty RX-78-2


Plan for Day 2, take more cosplay pictures, go to the FFXI panel later in the night, and may be more shopping and give the video room a try.

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