Dollfie Dream Dynamite Escalayer and early May loots

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The month long Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na (PC2005), Brighter than dawning blue (PS2->PC 2009) and Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na ~Moonlight Cradle~(PC2009) visual novel marathon plus the odds and ends of summarizing Feena normal end, Natsuki and Estel storyline has finally come to an end.



I am happy that I dug deep and stuck with it, and I enjoyed the time I spent summarizing their stories; it really gave me a reason to try to understand their stories a lot more than I usually would have.  I have yet to finish Feena’s true arc summary, something I intend to do in the near future.  I have accomplished my goal of bringing the stories of these wonderful heroines to light, that’s one down on my to do list.

Now I should present my treasures of the month… this month will be crazy, yea I said it.  Three boxes are up for inspection, the hobby search box has arrived a few days ago but I have put off the inspection until I finished Moonlight Cradle, plus the package yesterday that I picked up at the post office today and the package that arrived today.


See that long thin box?  Yea, that’s where my adopted daughter is, let’s take a closer look before I open it.


Tenchi Muyo, now that’s funny.  I don’t usually pay that much attention to the labeling but this one caught my attention obviously.


Three different fragile labels, luckily the box arrived undamaged!

And the real treasure is…


The most expensive otaku good I have ever purchased…. all thanks to for the continuous temptation… ok, it’s really just me who couldn’t stand the temptation :P   With this, I have finally redeemed myself for my lack of follow through in my initial search for Dollfie Escalayer.  This blunder has costed me about an extra $200, but this blunder has also opened up a new possibility for me, to get myself familiar with Yahoo Japan Auction.

The full view of the loots


Now, with all the Feena spam I have been making for the past month, it’s not surprising that there are some Feena goods arriving.  I am not so sure about using the decal on a Subaru Legacy, I am going to think of a way to put her on a different car…  Both Ita car models are made by Fujimi 1/24 scale.  The dollfie obviously came from Yahoo Japan Auction, I have selected Goody Japan for this particular transaction, I will summarize the cost and my experience with the store in a later post.  The upper left corner we have Yami that arrived a few days ago.  The lower left corner, we have two perfect visual books from August Soft visual novel that I purchased from Amazon Japan, the transaction also gone through Goody Japan.


Same packaging scheme as Amazon USA, not surprised really.

A full view.


I am somewhat surprised to see the inclusion of Moonlight Cradle chapter into the Yoake visual book, I don’t remember seeing that in the description when I ordered, but hey, I am not complaining!  Since I have already decided that I will tackle Fortune Arterial in the near future, might as well pick up the book now.

And Yami from GSC


The main attraction for this shipment is obviously my newly adopted daughter, let’s go back to her.






Edit: Adding pictures of my daughter



Signature pose for Beat Angel Escalayer


This month is the month dominated by dollfie news, I have put in my lottery ticket for both Rin and Fate, plus an extra set of clothes for both of them.  We will see how it turns out! I am going start putting Escalayer together now, will follow up with some pictures once I pick up my macro filter on Friday night.  A few more packages are deal to arrive in a bit, I have just received confirmation that Raqel Gothic has been shipped out (an impulse buy after reading the review in Exelica Meteor, she is just way too cute to pass up!), 1/5 Freeing Kenshin Uesugi and 1/8 Alter Senhime.

I am preparing myself to go to Anime Central this coming Friday and Saturday, let’s see what else could I pick up there!

As a note to those who come visit, I present to you my statement of intent.

To me, adopting a dollfie represent a commitment to work harder than I have been in the past few years.  I have been slacking a lot at work and have not taking things as seriously as I used to in the boom/bust era.  Ever since I put in the order for DD Escalayer, I have seen myself picked up in both concentration and attitude towards work.

Things I have almost forgotten in the passing of time, now I am back to my starting point.  Otaku spending drives my motivation towards excellent.  So the only way for me to evolve is to keep spending money, the otaku way.

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