End of April loots

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Finally finished up with Feena’s normal end summary, this will definitely make me think twice about covering a story as long as Feena’s normal arc next time, the game play alone was well over 15 hours for me, obviously it would take much longer than that to finish a summary, why didn’t I think of that ;s

Anyway, as we approach the end of April, more loots arrived yesterday and here we go with the inspection.  Another box was supposed to have arrived, but due to my extreme fatigue in writing Feena’s story, I was unable to hear the door bell, ala, I guess I will pick up Yami next week at the post office.


Upon inspection, we have…


Feena fam Earthlight Custom-P by Volks!  and the membership card to the Tenshi No Sumika in Los Angeles.


I have never had a Volks Custom-P before, but after I play with her a little bit, I found the custom-p has a rather limited pose-ability.






The finish on the custom-p was alright, not impressive, but ok, after all, this figure was released quite a few years ago.  So the standard couldn’t quite compare to the newest figures we have today.  I am quite happy with the purchase as I have become a much bigger Feena fanboy ever since I started playing the Yoake for real.

Next we have the package of the month as I have finally reached the status of Legendary Shoujo A.

Hey it’s the extra saber maid mug I talked about!


Oh wait, what is this?


OMG 3 copies of G’s Festival Vol.15!  Ok, before some of you decided to hate me for hoarding the G’s Festival, let me explain.  The first copy I ordered through Toylet was about a few days past their pre-order deadline as they could offer no guarantee in getting it for me, without canceling the original order, I proceed to order another copy from HLJ which has already been open and with Feena already proudly display on the wall.  The 2nd copy was an impulse buy at the local Mitsuwa because I had 10 dollars cash coupon on me waiting to be used so I snatched the only copy on the shelf thinking that would be my backup.  A few days ago, Toylet informed me that they were ready to ship out my package “with” the G’s Festival Vol. 15…. oh well, if I am going to play the Legendary Shoujo A at least once, might as well let it be the Feena dakimakura.  Gomen gomen ;s

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