Brighter than dawning blue – Brighter than dawning blue arc completed

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Finally, I finished the true episode, Brighter than dawning blue arc today.  I would like to give it some thought before I finish Feena’s story since the true episode is completely different from the anime counterpart.  The similarity between the game and the anime fell apart after Karen took off for the moon. The end result may be the same, but the process to get there is completely different!

Update: I have updated this post to include some of my other posts related to the game

Feena fam Earthlight’s normal ending


For now, I am moving on to the PS2 port version because I have to replay Feena’s arc again to better refresh my memory and to get to Estel Freesia.  Stay tune for an update on Feena’s story and Estel Freesia later on :)

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