Dollfie Dream Dynamite Escalayer

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I am not sure for what purpose I am writing this post, but I just feel like getting it off my chest.  For a better part of 7 years now, I have been collecting merchandises ranging from painted resins, PVC figures, posters, stick pillow from the eroge game Beat Angel Escalayer from Alicesoft.



I think a lot of it has to do with character design, the sexy outfit, the game, and the whole concept of heroine of justice having to recharge her energy through daily sexual intercourse, the game script, something just really click for me back in 2002.  It was a brilliant game concept back then and Escalayer is still one of my most favorite eroge game heroine today.

I think may be two months ago right on Valentine’s day I noticed this Dollfie Dream Dynamite Escalayer was up for lottery in Volks International website.


I was may be a day late in noticing it, I was sad, because I would have wanted to take her home, being a die hard collector of Escalayer merchandise.  What’s even worst is that I just found out the other day from this Dollfie Rin post in that there is a Volks USA store.  I quickly went to the site and checked that her lottery was still open in Volks USA by the time I noticed it in the Volks International site.  I am deeply troubled by my inadequate research on the subject and missed my opportunity.  I think the “inadequate research” part bothered me more than anything else.  It’s not about the Dollfie, it’s not about Escalayer, it’s my lack of thorough research on the subject.  I think my recent interest in Dollfie Rin is partly related to this incident.

Sadness and regret loom over me, but it’s not always a bad thing for me.  I have always believe that a change in emotion, equivalent to a that of a change of “state”, or phase change, requires a tremendous amount of “energy” or “concentration”, and if one is to harness this energy and convert it into other purpose, it could accomplish great amount of things.  For many years now, I have managed to convert this phase change energy to direct me to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be left aside, procrastinated over, or incomplete.   And this time is no different.

I haven’t quite given up on DD Dynamite Escalayer yet, I know that Volksusa is scheduled to start delivery sometime in May, I’m hoping the increased availability will help drive the cost down in auction site by a bit.  Some auctions are listing their price with a 40%+ premium, not so much about the dollar value, but the percentage increase is not sitting right with me.  I think for a fair value, I would pay up to may be 25% premium.  I may eventually turn this into a classified post in in hope that someone would be willing to part with their DDD Escalayer for 25% premium.

Post Edited after 2 years: But of course, many things have changed over the course of the past 2 years and not only have I already adopted Escalayer as my first Dollfie Dream daugther , 18 more Dollfie Dream have also followed and my youngest Dollfie Dream daughter DD Saber Lily has just been named site mascot and associate editor for this blog!

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