Pre-order list creep April 7th, 2009

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My list of pre-ordered figures is creeping up on me again, visiting various blog sites and keeping myself update on release info is not helping me at all, yup, not helping.  First one is the Volks online store exclusive Fate T. Harlaown.  I have been waiting for release info on this figure and a few days ago I found out it is going to be exclusive to Volks online store when I was updating my profile on Tsuki-board.  I scambled to dig up my personal shopping service that I haven’t used in a few years to get this.  I was going to order the whole set of Hayate, Nanoha and Fate, but alas Hayate and Nanoha are already sold out even though the deadline for Hayate is April 15th.


In some ocassions, the lag time between the premium Japan online store and USA online store gives me enough time to procasinate whether I want certain figures, for example:


I couldn’t decide whether I want this version of Senhime since I already have two E2046 versions of Senhime (both are very well done by the way) until I saw her review at WAWAWA wasuremono.   Senhime reminds me of Kos-Mos, and Kos-Mos = Win.  The decision was easy after that connection was re-established.

Next is Freeing version of Uesugi Kenshin, I was going to pass on her originally since I already have several Kenshin figures and the last two Kenshin figures from Kotobukiya and Griffon Enterprise were both pretty disappointingly blend.   But when I looked at my Freeing 1/4 Ryoko Asakura Bunny, I realize I could be making a big mistake if I were to pass on this Kenshin.  Since I was ordering Senhime anyway, might as well throw Kenshin on top of the order.  This time I am trying a US based store Toylet to see if they can prove their worth to me, if I get them great, but if I can’t get them I would be ok as well.


Next entry is another Feito, Alter version shin sonic form


My first thought was she is going to take up a lot of room, before I expanded my display area, I couldn’t even think about her.  But after the recent construction project, the option was open to take her home.  But in the end, I think I ended up ordering this Feito because of peer pressure >.>;  I am still waiting for a StrikerS Fate with her uniform on…. may be someday… oh wait, what about the Bikini version <.>;

Like every other order, I always ended up ordering more than 1 figure at a time.  This time maid uniform Asuka got a free rider ;s


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