Figurine promotion and relegation battle

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I have talked about how I value my figurine collection and they must be protected from dust and dirt with my weather sealing film.  However, due to lack of display area in the past, I have never been able to protect every figurine I wanted to. With the new display area online and the 10 or so figures that are due to arrive later this year, I have decided to introduce a new system that can promote/demote my figurine collection from my dust protection system.  With me being an English Premier League fan, I thought of the promotion and relegation battle that takes place every year!  Poorly performing figures would be relegated out of my dust protection system (into the championship), newly release and high quality figurine can be promoted into the dust protection system (promote to premier league)!

With this being the first season, massive amount of figures have been promoted and relegated.  Let’s take a look at them, we will start with the relegated figures.


Shinguji Sakura

Manufacturer: Max Factory

Reason: Shinguji Sakura is one of my earlier love, I spent a lot of time looking for Sakura War merchandise back in the days when the series was popular.  For whatever reason, there just isn’t a good looking Sakura figure out there.  This Max Factory version gave me some hope, but the small scale 1/10 and low price tag means they didn’t put a lot of effort into making this.

Excellen Browning

Manufacturer: Toy’s Works

Reason: I have looked for this figure for a long time, but once I finally got it; I realize the expression of the figure doesn’t seem to be that good ;x  I love the Excellen Browning in game a lot more!

Polno Diano

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Reason: I have followed the Bastard! series for a long time now, ever since I was a high school student.  My only complain is that there hasn’t been a decent figure made from the series, none, zero, nana.  I picked up Polno Diano a few years ago, she is ok but nothing compare to the list of figures I am going to receive later this year.

Saeki Kaori

Manufacturer: Epoch

Reason: Now I have always wanted a Saeki Kaori figure ever since I watched the Bible Black series, no kidding, I just like how Saeki looks in the anime.  When Epoch release this figure back in 2007, I was so excited I pre-ordered her right the way.  When I got my hands on her, my dream was shattered…. what an awful looking figure!  I don’t know if they just did a poor job on my figure but everything is off.  Here is hoping the next one from Miyabiya will be better.

Now enough of relegation, let’s go over the promoted figures!


Fate Testarossa

Manufacturer: Alter

Reason:  I have always loved this figure, but the fact that she takes up a lot of space has left her out in the dust in the past.  With the new display area, she was promptly moved to the protected area, no question asked.

Yagami Hayate

Manufacturer: Alter

Reason: Same as above.

Teana Lanster

Manufacturer: Alter

Reason:  She is new to the family, 1/7 from Alter, it’s hard to go wrong with her :)   She is probably my favorite out of the new cast from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (not that she has much competition from the rest of the trainees, a loli and a tomboy are no match to twintail gunner!).


Manufacturer: Max Factory

Reason: This figure is quite good in her own right, the reason why she was left out in the dust was pretty much the same as Fate and Hayate.


Saber and Rin Tousaka maid uniform

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Reason: This pair of figure is well made, not stunning but well made.  But maid uniform, and my affection for Rin has drove me to put this pair under protection.



Manufacturer: ??? I forgot! but it’s most likely to be Kaiyodo

Reason: Too hard to clean! Look at her, it’s too hard to clean!

Asahina Mikuru

Manufacturer: Atelier Sai

Reason: This particular figure made by Atelier Sai is pretty good despite the fact that she can’t balance herself really well.  The pose is lively and the paint job was well done.

Maria Freed

Manufacturer: Yamato

Reason: One of the ancient character from UFO Robo Grendizer, Maria Freed, the long lost sister of the main character Duke Freed.  Yamato doesn’t produce many figures these days, her tight uniform, facial expression get two thumbs up!

Mireille Bouquet

Manufacturer: Yamato

Reason: Noir is probably just an average anime, but I always thought Mireille is very hot, too bad there aren’t very many figures made for her.  This particular large scale 1/5 is about average paint job quality, but being the only pre-painted figure I could find for her, she deserve the promotion!

Sailor Saturn 2002 Won Fest version???

Manufacturer: ???

Reason: Although this is not really a promotion for her, but she get caught in the picture because I moved her from the main display area to this secondary display area, actually this would almost feel like a relegation for her.

And finally, we have the twin tower of goddesses


Uesugi Kenshin & Yamamoto Isuroku

Manufacturer: A-brand, painted by E2046 Gathering

Reason: The only two figures in the new display area so far.  Uesugi Kenshin has always been under protection but due to her huge sword, I was never able to display her in her full glory, the new display area gives me the opportunity to use extra space to display her helmet and sword, she is absolutely breathe taking, like a goddess decent upon my kingdom!  I acquired Yamamoto Isuroku with Uesugi Kenshin together as a set, but Yamamoto was considerably less fortunate… her bow which is part of her hand is not removable and she was too large to be display in my original display area without taking a huge dent in my total floor space…. but the newly constructed area give them a chance to be reunited!

Edited: Adding a few close up shot for the A-Brand Uesugi Kenshin


This concludes the first seaon of the promotion and relegation battle!  Let the game begins!

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