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For the 2nd week in a roll, I went to Ikea to pick up some furniture for my ambitious construction project, the loots for the day were a half width “Billy“, a Benno, a Strip Dioder, a Disc Dioder and a Lack Table.

This project really started after I partcipiated in the 20090326 giveaway contest where I was forced to realize how terribly lack of space I was.  I didn’t have enough space to display my Dakimuras, Bath Towels and some figurines were in congested area, etc etc.    I made up my mind to do a full sweep clean up and construction project so I can properly display my goodies.  For the past 2 weeks, my job was to sort out garbage, clean up, and reorganize stuff so I can be more space efficient.  The first half of the project was completed last week where I installed a half height Billy bookshelves on top of my 5 drawers chest.


With the new display area online, I reshuffled some figures around.

Next step was to mount the wall shelves, swap out some dakimauras, assemble the new Billy and the Benno.


Oh look Iori got bumped out of her usual spot and Feena has taken over!



Finally I was able to pull out one of my favorite Asuka poster I got a few years back, now she stands next to Escalayer to watch over me when I sleep :)   Hey Fate is sleeping in my bed!!

Let’s take a look at the other half of the room.

Ah there the other two wall mounted shelves.



Ah, the new Moonlight cradle Feena dakimakura from G’s Festival made it to the display area!  She swapped place with the original feena dakimaura because the new one fit better here.

I am very pleased with the result of this construction project.  I have managed to perform a much needed clean up and increased my figurine display area by roughly 25%!

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