Megami Super Deluxe+1 and 1/7 Teana Lanster Alter arrived

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Friday the 20th, another box waiting for my inspection after I got home from work.


Turns out it’s the 1st copy of Megami Super Deluxe and the Teana Lanster from Alter.  Teana really wasn’t on my buy list originally, but while I was placing my order for the 1st copy of Megami Super Deluxe, I thought about adding her to my collection (and to make the shipment from HLJ more worthwhile).




Out of the entire casting in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical StrikerS, my firm favorite has always been Fate, Nanoha 2nd and I don’t even have a fixed pose figurine of Nanoha yet, but would soon change because of the 1/4 Nanoha bikini version from Good Smile company.  I guess after visiting Superrat’s review on this version of Teana sort of swayed my decision a bit.  Teana is good looking (twintails is a turn on factor), Alter has consistently produced good quality figures and third, Teana is fairly likeable based on her performance in StrikerS.

And the 1st copy of Megami Super Deluxe


I will be looking to sell the extra copy of Megami Super Deluxe once the market depleted of the publication, hopefully to recoup the extra shipping cost.

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