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Even with the economic downturn, almost everyone are scaling down their spending; including collector like myself. However, there are some figures that are so unique that one should assign priority to them over the run of the mill figures. Let’s take a look at them:

First up, the leader of the pack, Fate Unlimited Code exclusive character Saber Lily 1/7 PVC ~Distant Avalon~ from Good Smile Company. Do I need to say more? Saber Lily actually debuted as a bonus figma with the Fate Unlimited Code Playstation 2 collector’s edition. I knew it in my heart then there will be more figurines made with this costume, and I was right about it. This version of Saber is arguably the best looking Saber figure between Fate stay night, Fate hollow ataraxia and Fate Unlimited Code. There is something about this Saber figure that I know it will rank one of the best looking figures in 2009, and will certainly become one of the top five figures in my collection.


Next up is Nanoha Takamachi Swimsuit version also from GSC. Now, let me be honest here, I am a much bigger fan of Fate chan than Nanoha chan in the series. However, knowing the GSC is already working on a paired Fate T. Hawlaown in all her swimsuit glory. One cannot buy Fate without buying this Nanoha for the obligated symmetrical docking action!


Third place is the School swimsuit mecha nurse girl Nana Megami Magazine Vol.8 from Orchid Seed. I have never been a huge fan of Orchid Seed figures, but this one caught my attention. It’s a MS Girl! MS Girls are hot, especially the ones drawn in 駒都えーじ’s personal website 「Passing Rim」. I secretly wish that every MS Girl drawn by 駒都えーじto be made into PVC figures! I am sure Ryusei Date himself would be gunning for this one.


Fourth place is from a relatively small production company call Native, and they bring us a simply yet extremely sexy looking Kotone Ousaka, original illustration by the famous artist Tony. There is apparently a story constructed behind this illustration. This girl is actually a 22 years old 4th year university student studying to be a teacher! In this particular illustration, she appears to be enjoying a midnight banana snack in front of her students, or is that a real banana?


Fifth place is Black Rock Shooter also from GSC (they are taking all the spots up ;x, and it’s not over yet!). Now, I am not yet a big fan of Hatsune Miku or her variation character, the prototype pictures are stunning enough to convince me that this is a buy. I will be most interested to see if her eyes are truly glowing.


Sixth place, also from GSC is the long awaited Adult Mikuru Asahina. I am sure many of us have been waiting for a more mature looking Mikuru Asahina, and GSC is ready to deliver with a pose that we are all familiar with.


And finally, the last place, hanging on barely by a thread is from the Bible Black series, Limited release 2000 pieces Saeki Kaori & Takahiro Hiroko figure pair from Miyabiya. I have never bought anything made by this company before, but I have always wanted to get a decent looking Saeki (I have always had the hot for Saeki), and with the last Saeki Kaori from C-Works Diva ended in utter disappointment, I am really looking forward to this one.


This conclude my immediate buy-list, at least for now.

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